Yellowstone Backpacking Trips


In 1838 John Muir wrote “The Mountains are calling and I must go”. There is a primordial pull for human beings to venture into and become part of the wild. A wild that is remote and far distant from street lights and police sirens. While backpacking in the Yellowstone backcountry, your wakeup calls could be the bugle of a bull elk or echo of a lake loon as the sun rays melt through the early morning mist.

Backpacking the trails of Yellowstone will transport you to a world and time explored by Lewis and Clark over 200 years ago. You’ll experience sunsets the Crow, Kiowa, Shoshone, Blackfoot, and Bannock Indian tribes venerated for hundreds of years. You’ll camp next to rivers formed over 14,000 years ago, hike through expansive mountain meadows foraged by sandhill cranes and dancing red fox, and will be swallowed up by lodgepole stands so thick that sunlight barely fades through.

While on these treks our experienced backpacking guides will share the story of Yellowstone, taking you on a journey in time starting in the Precambrian Era over 2.7 billion years ago, through the formation of the Yellowstone calderas and Ice ages, to its present majesty and grandeur. You’ll learn the various ecozones of Yellowstone and how they each support specific forms of life. There is no doubt you will also spot a wide range of wildlife including Bison, Osprey, Eagle, Red Fox, Elk, Brown Bear, Black Bear, Mountain Hare, and the occasional Wolverine.

Teton High Adventure Backcountry has a broad range of backpacking and canoe treks to share. You can choose from pre-established 30 to 50 mile treks to fully customized one to two week adventures.