Yellowstone Backpacking Trips

Backpacking the trails of Yellowstone will transport you to a world and time explored by Lewis and Clark over 200 years ago. You’ll experience sunsets the Crow, Kiowa, Shoshone, Blackfoot, and Bannock Indian tribes venerated for hundreds of years. You’ll camp next to rivers formed over 14,000 years ago, hike through expansive mountain meadows foraged by sandhill cranes and dancing red fox, and will be swallowed up by lodgepole stands so thick that sunlight barely fades through.

While on these treks our experienced backpacking guides will share the story of Yellowstone, taking you on a journey in time starting in the Precambrian Era over 2.7 billion years ago, through the formation of the Yellowstone calderas and Ice ages, to its present majesty and grandeur. You’ll learn the various ecozones of Yellowstone and how they each support specific forms of life. There is no doubt you will also spot a wide range of wildlife including Bison, Osprey, Eagle, Red Fox, Elk, Brown Bear, Black Bear, Mountain Hare, and the occasional Wolverine.

Teton High Adventure Backcountry has a broad range of backpacking and canoe treks to share. You can choose from pre-established 30 to 50 mile treks to fully customized one to two week adventures.

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This backpacking trek is truly a unique and amazing trip. Depending upon the plan you’ll hike 33 to 40 miles in classic pristine Yellowstone backcountry. You’ll start your trek by experiencing the 40+ foot Lonestar geyser. This trail will take you through geothermal formations, thick lodgepole pine stands, as well as breathtaking mountain marshes and meadows. You’ll hike areas that served as sacred hunting grounds for the Shoshone, Crow, and Bannock Indian tribes. You’ll fall asleep to the bugle of bull elk and wake to the prehistoric call of the sandhill crane.

$400.00 per participant

Lamar Valley

Tourists line the highway every day at sunrise to get a glimpse at the wildlife that thrive in the Lamar Valley. It is known as one of the most wild places in the entire park. As you hike far from the road you will see much more than the roadside spectators can ever dream of. From this trek you will begin to see buffalo on your trail, wolves in the morning twilight, or bears off in the distance. This is the trek of a lifetime.

Spend four days and three nights hiking along the Lamar River in Eastern Yellowstone. Capacity for this trek is 2 groups per session with 11 participants and 1 guide in each group (22 total participants + 2 guides). The groups camp and travel separately, but may have some time for interaction during the day on the trail.

$400.00 per participant

Shoshone Canoe

See the backcountry of Yellowstone National Park as you canoe from Lewis Lake to Shoshone Lake. Spend 4 days and 3 nights fishing, hiking, and canoeing in the heart of Yellowstone. Capacity for this trek is 2 groups/session with 7 participants and 1 guide per group (14 total participants + 2 guides). The groups camp and travel separately, but may have some time for interaction during the day on the trail.

$400.00 per participant

Tour of Yellowstone

Are you looking to explore Yellowstone Park, but aren't ready to hike 30 miles? Do you want to see hit all the tourist sites and see some hidden ones as well? This is the adventure for you!

Spend four days and three nights driving & hiking through some of the most beautiful country in the world.  See the sun rise in the Lamar Valley, where you are more likely to see animals than anywhere else in the park. In Northern Yellowstone, swim in the Boiling River and see the Petrified Forest. Hiking, swimming, fishing- this trek has it all! Capacity for this trek is 9 participants & 1 guide in each group.

$400.00 per participant


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