Wilderness Camping

The Great Salt Lake Council has worked hard to develop a positive relationship with the U.S. Forest Service. Their employees have been bery helpful in providing manpower and material resources to teach our youth to respect the forest. It is this partnership that helps us to ingrain in the youth that we serve to treat our public lands with respect and to take care of them for future generations. 

When taking your units out into the wilderness each year, please remember that there may be restrictions in the areas that we desire to visit. Restrictions can include: food containment at campsites, maximum number of people in any given campsite restriction, campfire restrictions and how to handle trail erosion. 

It is important that as you and your Scouts plan and prepare for an overnight camping trip or a week long high adventure trek, to visit www.Wilderness.net for up to date information on the trail and locations you will be visiting. We want the public and the forest service to know that the Scouts are prepared in their outings which includes knowing what can and what can't be done. 

Follow the steps in the rotating bar above to easily find the trail(s) you will be visiting.