Webelos Summer Camp

Welcome to Webelos Camp for 2015! We are eager to have you in camp this summer at Millcreek Canyon. Millcreek Canyon is a wonderful facility for young boys to have a great camping experience. Your Webelos' summer camp experience will be a fun, informative, and safe two day session that will keep boys excited about Scouting. 

Swimming, archery, BB shooting sports, rowing, and sports are just a few of the activities your Scouts can participate in this summer. We provide trained staff to handle camp needs, but please note that adult supervision is required to attend with youth. We encourage units to register together so check with your pack to find out when they are attending. We hope you will be able to join your son or Scouts during their session as a participating leader or parent. As a reminder, we require two deep leadership per Youth Protection guidelines while your Webelos Scouts are at camp.

As you complete your preparations for camp, please contact the Camp Desk if you have questions at (801) 582-3663. Don't forget that we offer a Webelos Twilight camp for those leaders/parents who are unable to make it to camp during morning times. 

Registration begins February 1, 2015 for all Webelos summer camps. 

Adventures and excitement await us! See you at camp this summer.

Registration for Webelos activities opens on April 1 for those units that have paid in full. Please see Webelos Activity Schedule for list of activities and instructions on how to register for them.


$45 per boy

$10 per boy Non Refundable deposit at registration

No charge for leaders or den chiefs

Payment in Full due April 1.

Reservations made on or after this date will be required to make payment in full at the time of registration.

  • Webelos Day Camp **FULL** - June 12 to June 13

  • Webelos Day Camp **FULL** - June 15 to June 16

  • Webelos Day Camp **FULL** - June 17 to June 18

  • Webelos Twilight Camp Session 1 - June 17 to June 18

  • Webelos Day Camp **FULL** - June 19 to June 20

  • Webelos Day Camp **FULL** - June 22 to June 23

  • Webelos Day Camp **FULL** - June 24 to June 25

  • Webelos Twilight Camp Session 2 - June 24 to June 25

  • Webelos Day Camp **FULL** - June 26 to June 27

  • Webelos Day Camp **FULL** - June 29 to June 30

  • Webelos Day Camp Session 9 - July 01 to July 02

  • Webelos Day Camp **FULL** - July 06 to July 07

  • Webelos Day Camp **FULL** - July 08 to July 09

  • Webelos Day Camp **FULL** - July 10 to July 11

  • Webelos Day Camp **FULL** - July 13 to July 14

  • Webelos Day Camp **FULL** - July 15 to July 16

  • Webelos Day Camp **FULL** - July 17 to July 18

  • Webelos Day Camp Session 16 - July 20 to July 21

  • Webelos Day Camp Session 17 - July 22 to July 23

  • Webelos Day Camp Session 18 - July 27 to July 28

  • Webelos Day Camp Session 19 - July 29 to July 30

  • Webelos Day Camp Session 20 - July 31 to August 01

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