Wagon Wheel: Training


Are you registered?

  1. Download, complete, and return the adult application (pdf) to the leader that appointed you or his or her designee.
  2. Complete Youth Protection Training at my.scouting.org.
  3. After you get your membership number from your leader, add it to your my.scouting.org profile.

Are you trained?

District Training

We offer Leader Specific training once a year, and Outdoor Leadership training once a year.


Intro to Outdoor Leadership Skills - October 27-28, 2017

Sharpen Your Saw, including Leader Specific Training - March 10, 2018


Typical format

Leader Specific Training - Leaders of Cub Scouts and Scouts of all ages, typically one Saturday in the spring

Outdoor Leadership Training - Overnighter for Leaders of Scouts of all ages (no Cub leaders), typically a Friday and Saturday in the fall

If you've changed positions, or started scouting in the last year, you need to be there! It will not include an outdoor session. Commissioners and Assistant District Commissioners (LDS Stake Primary and Stake Young Men's presidencies) are strongly encouraged to attend. 

To wear the Trained patch, you must attend BOTH of these sessions. Committee members and Chartered Organization Representatives must also complete training to wear the patch - read details on blog.scoutingmagazine.org.

Other Opportunities

There are also training opportunities every year at University of Scouting or College of Cub Scouting, or you can request to attend training with other districts in the council.

Check out council and national training or click the Training link in the top menu bar.

Online trainings are available through my.scouting.org.

Scouting Administration Tools

my.scouting.org is better than ever! Tour plans, youth protection, advancement and more are now available under Legacy Web Tools. No more confusion on where to go to find the tools you need!

Latter-Day Saint (LDS) Resources

Go to https://www.lds.org/callings/aaronic-priesthood/leader-resources/scouting. There you can find lots of great resources, including the most recent Church Handbook for Scouting Units in the United States, available in both English and Spanish. This is the 'green handbook'.

Wagon Wheel: Advancement


Earn Merit Badges

Various Merit Badge Shindigs, Pow-Wows, and Blasts, are held around the Salt Lake Valley. Our Shindig is typically held each January.

But, But, But! You don't have to go to an event to earn a merit badge. You only need a buddy, an approved counselor, and the approval of your scout leader to work on any badge at any time. Scoutbook.com keeps an up to date list of merit badges, as well as many other places. Do something new!

Begin Work on Eagle Scout Rank

Contact our Eagle Scout coordinator.

Project ideas and other resources

  • American Red Cross

Track Youth Advancement

BSA Internet Advancement System

Track Leader Advancement (a.k.a. Training)





Training Committee

Ross Pope (801) 967-1037 

Jesse Conner (385) 216-4017 

Mike Richardson (801) 859-8101 

Jeff Shaver (801) 694-2846 

Training Coordinator

Don Brinkerhoff

Merit Badge Shindig Chair

Dave Bell

Eagle Scout Coordinator 

Connie Kelly

(801) 550-6988