Trainer's Edge Training

                                           Every boy deserves a trained leader....
                                   and every leader deserves an capable trainer.

"THE TRAINERS EDGE" Conference is advanced training for all adult leaders who wish to continue their skills in Training.  
This new training replaces TRAIN the TRAINER.
This training is targeted for all Scouters who deliver training, including 
District and Council Training and Roundtable Staffs.

The purpose of the "TRAINERS EDGE" is to develop the presentation skills
of the TRAINER, with a focus on the participants.

It is Required for all Wood Badge and NYLT Staffs, including ON-BELAY,
SILVER MOCASSIN, and KODIAK youth and adult staff members.
This action packed day consists of learning about the following skills:
1. Why and How We Train Leaders
2. How Adults Learn
3. Communication
4. Characteristics of a Good Trainer
5. Planning
6. Arrangements
7. Training Technology
        A. Computers in Training
        B. Flip charts & Posters
        C. White boards and Chalkboards
8. Training Methods

A certificate for completing Trainers Development Conference is a requirement for
being a member of advanced training teams in the Council including Wood Badge courses.

Participants are encouraged to be in uniform and bring their own pen or pencil. Handouts and program materials will be provided.

2015 Dates and Locations

March 7, 2015: Registration at 7:30AM, training from 8AM - 3PM, 5425 S 600 W, Murray

April 18, 2015: Registration at 7:30AM, training from 8AM - 3PM, 200 N 200 W, Bountiful

May 9, 2015: Registration at 7:30AM, training from 8AM - 3PM, 12345 S 2700 W, RIverton

  • Trainer's Edge Murray - March 07 to March 07

  • Trainer's Edge Bountiful - April 18 to April 18

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  • Trainer's Edge Riverton - May 09 to May 09

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