Kayaking/Canoeing on the "Wilson" Stretch

Our "Wilson" stretch of the Snake starts to the North of Jackson, WY. From there you will see nature as you can in no other way. As you paddle down the river, you will . This stretch of the river, though beautiful, is highly technical. We recommend that only those who feel very comfortable in their skills in their canoeing join us for this activity.


Canoeing on the "King" Stretch

Launching from camp, the King stretch of the river winds it's way the Lower Canyon nearly to the place where the Whitewater Rafting companies in Jackson Hole start their trips. Make your way past the King Rapids and launch yourself through Astoria Rapids on this once in a lifetime trip. The location is ideal, the river is spectacular, and our guides are waiting. What are you waiting for?


Stand-up Paddleboarding

In recent years, Stand-up Paddleboards have become incredibly popular on still water lakes. Come and experience them on the Snake River. Many have called this activity a mix of surfing and canoeing. Have fun as you learn to keep your balance, winding down our calmest stretch of the river.  This is an activity you will remember.  


Whitewater Rafting

One of the greatest parts of being near Jackson is the great whitewater we have nearby. From West Table to Sheep Gulch, this trip is excitement at every turn. Make your way past Haircut Rock, marvel at the bubbly waters of Champaign, and test yourself against Big Kahuna and Lunch Counter. Our friends at Teton Whitewater, who run this activity, make this an activity that your boys will be talking about for years. For more information, check out their website at


Scenic Park Float 

Looking to see the sights, but aren't big on riding through rapids? This could be what you are looking for. Starting at Moose Junction in Teton National Park, this trip takes you on a journey that will show you the Tetons in a way you never dreamed possible. On this trip you'll pass by wildlife like bald eagles, otters, beavers, moose, and bears. You'll learn some of the local history as well as tips for navigating the river. This activity is hosted by Teton Whitewater. Check out their website at


Mountain Biking

Very seldom will you find an opportunity to bike in mountains quite like this. For this activity, we shuttle our participants up nearby Hoback Canyon to use the legendary Cliff Creek trail. Whether you are an expert or just want to give it a try, our guides will give your boys tips and training to ride through some of the hardest trails. Trail difficulty can be catered to the skill level of those involved. Come see mountain trails like you never thought you could. Give mountain biking a try.


Road Biking

The Jackson area is home to some of the most beautiful country in the world. Experience riding in the shadows of Teton, passing through rugged wilderness area from world famous road biking trails. This trail starts in the town of Wilson and finishes in Teton Village. Give it a try. You won't regret it.



Often called "Low Ropes" activities, these fun activities focus on building your group into a more cohesive team. Participants will swing on a rope over a mud pit, climb a tall wall using only their creativity, and will cross the Tire Traverse. This will be an amazing experience for any of your youth, whether they work together well or not.


High COPE (High Ropes Course)

Located 30 feet in the air, our High COPE course will show your boys that they are capable of more than they ever thought possible. Climb the Giants Ladder, make the Leap of Faith, and swing down the Zipline. This is one of the best ways to get your adrenaline pumping. Face your fears and beat them at the High COPE course.



Pistol Shooting

No Western experience is complete without shooting a revovler. Nothing beats the feel of a six shooter in your hand. Shooting at the Gun Club near Jackson, you will understand why many call shooting an amazing way to clear your head. 


Shotgun Shooting

Using the Jackson Hole Gun Club allows us to do things you usually won't get the option to do at most other camps. In addition to regular clay shooting, this site sometimes offers the ability to shoot at moving tagets on tracks. Here, we focus less on obtaining a great score and look to make sure each shooter is having fun and is growing their skills.