Teton High Adventure Base

2017 Season registration begins October 1.

Find out what it would be like on one of our Backcountry Treks by watching Scouting Magazine share their experiences on the Shoshone Lake Trek only at Teton High Adventure Base!

The Teton High Adventure Base is a nationally accredited high adventure program located approximately 12 miles south of Jackson, WY on the banks of the Snake River.

The program offerings consist of base camp and backcountry programs.  Base camp program run for three days and allow units to select their own activities.  Each participant pays a base fee and then pays only for the activities in which he participates. You can read through the 2016 Leader's Guide for more in-depth information. The 2017 Leader's Guide will be available shortly.

Fees: $130 base fee per participant

There is a $25 deposit per person due upon registration for the session you choose. Anyone wanting to schedule more than 30 people MUST pay a 50% of total fees deposit. This deposit is NON REFUNDABLE.

Units can register for their activities starting March 1, 2017 when their half payment is due. Final payment is due April 15, 2017.

Base Camp Activities:

  1. White Water Rafting - $55 per person
  2. King White Water Canoeing - $15 per person
  3. Scenic Raft through Grand Teton National Park - $50 per person
  4. Technical Canoeing (Wilson) -$15 per person
  5. South Park SUP - $15 per person
  6. Mountain Biking - $15 per person
  7. Teton Village Downhill Mountain Biking - $95 per person (incl: lift tickert and gear)
  8. Grand Targhee Downhill Mountain Biking - $35 per person (full day activity)
  9. Scenic Road Biking through Grand Teton National Park - $15 per person
  10. Pistol Shooting -$20 per person
  11. Shotgun Shooting - $25 per person
  12. Full Day COPE (Low & High courses) - $25 per person
  13. Low COPE only - $15 per person

Yellowstone National Park Backpacking

Backcountry programs take place in Yellowstone National Park.  Units arrive on Monday for orientation and shakedown, and then depart Tuesday morning for the chosen trailhead, returning to base camp Friday afternoon. Options for longer backcountry treks are available upon request AND pre-season planning with both the unit leader and camp director. More information on the treks can be found by clicking on the link on the right.

Registration MUST be made by February 1, 2017. Registration closes as the treks go into preparation mode with scheduling campsites with park services.

Yellowstone National Park Backcountry Trails:

  1. Bechler River Trek
  2. Shoshone Canoe Trek
  3. Lamar Valley Trek
  4. Black Canyon (Hell's Roaring) Trek

Trek Fees: $350 per person

Includes: Food, tent, stoves, and water filters, meals while on base camp, and lodging. There is one optional activity period, a group can purchase a base camp activity for the Saturday after their trek. 

Registration begins October 1, 2016 for the treks. Registration links are found by clicking on the Yellowstone Trek link on the right hand side of this page.

  • 2017 Teton Session 11 - (M-W)
    July 24, 2017 to July 26

  • 2017 Teton Session 12 (W-S)
    July 26, 2017 to July 29

  • 2017 Teton Session 13 - (M-W)
    July 31, 2017 to August 02

  • 2017 Teton Session 14 (W-S)
    August 02, 2017 to August 05

  • 2017 Teton session 15- (M-W)
    August 07, 2017 to August 09

  • 2017 Teton session 16- (W-S)
    August 09, 2017 to August 12