Teton High Adventure Base


In the bosom of the Yellowstone Corridor, nested on the banks of the Snake River are the headquarters of Teton High Adventure Base. The Snake River has been our home for this Boy Scout high adventure base over 60 years; during this time showing Scouts the time of their life. With a mind-blowing explosion of adrenaline, you will slam river rapids, rocket down mountain trails, & soar with eagles. And that’s just the first day!

On Base Activities

As the early morning dew warms to a mist, you will power up with a hearty old school breakfast; Pancakes, sausage, bacon, & eggs will provide the fuel you’ll need to get you through river runs, bike trails, climbing courses, & shotgun shooting. For the down low on the details, skedaddle right on over to our Program Activities page.

Yellowstone Backpacking and Canoeing Trips

The Yellowstone corridor provides some of the most beautiful and remote backcountry in the world. You will backpack the same rivers and trails that the Shoshone, Blackfoot, and Crow Indians utilized as their sacred hunting grounds for hundreds of years. We provide a wide range of backcountry backpacking trips spanning from rugged above tree level trails, to scenic mountain valleys, rivers, and lakes. For details, mosey on over to our Yellowstone Treks page.

Flying In?

We are honored to have hosted Scout troops hailing from Europe, South America, and Asia; at the same time not forgetting all you North Americans. Some of the most impressive scout troops in the world travel thousands of miles to experience Teton High Adventure Base. Amply equipped with buses and vans, we can pick you up your troop at the Salt Lake City, Jackson Hole, or Yellowstone Airports. To find out more details, reach out to our camp director, Greg Anderson.


Having the time of your life sure doesn’t cost very much at Teton High Adventure Base, our On Base Experience starts at about $200 per person. Our backcountry program starts at right around $385 per person. If your going to need breakdowns and bullet points for your treasurer, our pricing page is where you should go next.

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Camp In Style

Choose from an assortment of shirts for your youth on our online shirt store. Your order will then be shipped directly to you!