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List of Good Camping Spots - Less than 45-minute Drive
Stone Creek District Round Table

  1. Skyline Drive – last overlook about .5 miles from the top there is a large flat overlook (free)
  2. Farmington City website has maps of several trails and campsites east of the city.
  3. Rudy’s Flat – up North Canyon. This is a hike (about 4 miles up, not too strenuous).  If you continue past the meadow, you end up in Mueller Park Canyon. (free). Over 1000 vertical feet.
  4. Willard Bay State Park (small camp fee)
  5. Antelope Island (Small camp fee)
  6. Fort Buenaventura – Ogden (Small camp fee)
  7. Wheeler Farm (Small camp fee)
  8. Lone Rock (west desert) I-80 west to Dugway exit 77, then South on Skull Valley 196. (Free)
  9. Bountiful Peak – also up skyline drive or up Farmington (Small camp fee)
  10. Buckland Flats – also up Skyline Drive (about 6 miles up) (Free)
  11. Holbrook Canyon – Trailhead parking is just south of the Temple (Free)
  12. Pineview Reservoir - Anderson Cove – Camp Fee, Reservations Recommended
  13. Crystal Hot Springs – Honeyville – Camp Fee, Reservations recommended


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Other camp resources:

Here is the hike I took with the 11 year old scouts in October. It took about 2 1/2 hours with all of the playing. At the end of the hike, one boy said (with enthusiasm), "That was the best hike I have ever been on." He does a lot of hiking with his family.


Deuel Creek - centerville

  • We took a morning hike with the scouts up Deuel creek to get our 5 mike hike requirements for First Class. Excellent hike. 1 mile up is a huge rope swing - well maintained with a sturdy chain.  1.1 mile further is a beautiful waterfall with a lot of water in it for October. 


  • As we hiked, there was a small scout troop coming out of the canyon. They had stayed over night. On the hike up, there were several nice campsites at 1.2 miles, and 2.2 miles (the trail is marked with mile markers).

Kenney Creek - Bountiful

One of my favorite places to camp that is close is Kenney Creek up Mueller Park Canyon. Everyone has hiked up to Elephant Rock, but very few people hike up the trail on the right (north) side of the canyon.  To get there, park below the entrance pay station...I usually park down below the canyon starts on the main road.  Hike up about a hundred yards past the pay station to the top of the first parking lot. To the right, there is a Kenney Creek trail entrance sign.  Kenney Creek is 1.5 miles up the trail. When you get to the creek, cut to the left and go directly west up a trail to a nice flat area, large enough for as many tents as you can bring.  If you are camping overnight, you can pump water at Kenney Creek, right below the chain-link fence.


This is a relatively easy hike and can be done in an evening. In early March, we met at 6 pm and hiked up, returning by 7:30 pm. Because the hillside is south facing, the snow melts earlier. It is great during early or late spring, summer and fall. In the summer, be sure to eat some wild onions.  It is beautiful, and most is covered with shade trees. In the fall, the colors are amazing. 

For a something a little more strenuous hike, you can continue hiking on the Kenney Creek trail across the pipeline and continue another 2 miles to an old miner's cabin. There is camping space available here, or that can be your hike the next either way, and well worth the extra distance.