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Upcoming Events



Michael Duncan - Chairman

David Wilding - CommiSsioner

Sean Neal - District Manager


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FAQ's About Roundtable

Q. When is Roundtable?

A. Roundtable for Boy Scout Leaders, Venture Leaders, Unit Commissioners, COR's, and Zone Commissioners is held September through May. Held year round on the second Thursday of each month at 7pm-8pm located at LDS Chapel at 1920 South Orchard Drive in Bountiful.

Q. Who should be at Roundtable?

A. There are separate meetings for Cub Leaders, Scoutmasters, Varsity Coaches, Venture Advisors, Unit Commissioners and Zone Commissioners.  Additionally, Assistant scout leaders and committee members should attend (having a trained committee will supercharge your program).


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Q. What about the new Boy Scout Requirements?

A. In January, 2017, a major change to the Boy Scout Requirement took place. The changes improved the organization of the advancements, filling in some gaps in between the Fitness requirements, and improving the learning at the lower ranks and the doing at the upper ranks.  One major change what the Camping Requirements.  On August 1st, 2017, the camping requirements were changed back to 1 camp for Tenderfoot, 1 camp for 2nd Class and 1 camp for 1st Class. Click here for more information.

Q. When is the best time to plan your year?

A. The short answer - right now...if you do not have an annual calendar.

There are a two trends of thought.  The first is to plan it according to your annual budget (at the first of the year). My personal preference is to plan it in August to coincide with your school year - September through August.  This works well because usually, summer is when you have your big events - your week long camp - your high adventure.  For July, I recommend planning the week long council camp or week long high adventure. For August, I recommend planning a nice 3 day backpacking high adventure....kind a reward for working so hard at the week long.  There are some excellent 3 day camps in the High Uintas or even along the Wasatch mountain range (Lone Peak, up Little and Big Cottonwood Canyon, etc..


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