Stone Creek District


Online Training Materials

Want to see what some of the available online training is, click the link above.  This site features materials for the new leader, for the committee, and everything else you need as an adult.  Here are some other training resources. Please click HERE to find the requirements for your CURRENT position in scouting.

Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills Training Course

March 3 & 4 - 6pm Friday to 4pm Saturday

SCOUT-O-RAMA - Find out everything here!!

  • Ticket Sales Kickoff - March 2
  • Event - Saturday, May 13



District Contact Information

District Chair Michael Duncan 292-9190
District Commissioner David Wilding 450-5915
District Executive (director) Sean Neal 582-3663 xt 271
District Secretary Mark Callister 292-3718

Roundtable Information

Day: Second Thursday of each month (Cubs meet in June, July & Aug)
Location: LDS Chapel at 1920 South Orchard Drive in Bountiful
Time: 7:00 to 8:00 PM

Who should attend: Roundtable is for all Cub Scout Leaders, Boy Scout Leaders, Varsity Scout Leaders, Venture Leaders and their committees. Zone Commissioners should also attend. 

File Name Description
Banquet Flyer 2017 District Awards Banquet. Contact your Stake for tickets. Download
District Award of Merit District Award of Merit Form. Needs to be submitted in December of each year. Download
LDS Stake Commissioner Service Organization.pdf This is the way the Stake should be organized for scouting. This shows the leadership organization from the top to the bottom. For success in scouting, this organization should be followed. Download
New Scout Leader Duties and Resources.docx If you want to know the duties of a scout leader, and the resources available, check out this document. Download
Roundtable Outline - December 2016 - Training.docx Missed the Boy Scout Roundtable in December? Here are the notes. Download
Roundtable Outline - November 2016 - Training.docx Missed the Boy Scout Roundtable in November? Here are the notes. Download
Sample Budget Here is a sample budget for scout troops. Budgets are necessary for the charter organization, as well as help you to make real plans and carry them out. If you don't budget to camp every month, you will not plan on camping every month. If you do not budget for a big event, you will not have a big event. This proven sample will help. Download