Sandy East Zone - Silver Mesa District


Sandy East Zone Commissioners:

Jim Greene  (801-870-8776)

Kerry Spendlove (801-870-0719)

Brent Waddoups (801-678-4268)

Brett Sower (801-572-1584)


-      As our Roundtables are now held quarterly, please remind all adult leaders in your respective wards to please check the District Web Site:  to see when the next Roundtable for Sandy East is. Our Sandy East Zone Meeting will begin at 6:45 pm in the Designated Room (see signs posted in the bldg) and conclude at 7:25 pm so all can then attend their respective Roundtable meetings that will begin at 7:30 pm, in different rooms. The venue has changed and is now 2115 E. Creek Rd. Next Meeting is Thursday, March 8th!

All adult leaders are invited and strongly encouraged to attend both meetings. Specifically, ward bishoprics (including CORs), stake and ward Primary presidency members, Cubmasters and Den Leaders; ward YM presidencies; Scoutmasters, Assistant Scoutmasters (including all 11-year-old Scout leaders); Varsity Scout Coaches and Assistant Coaches; and ward Scout Committee Chairs and Committee Members.

-      We look forward to continuing the Teacher and Priest Activities – that were so well-received last year.

In conclusion, we share with you a recent change in Boy Scouts of America policy regarding what have heretofore been referred as Tour Permits and more recently as Activity Tour Plans. As announced by our District 15 Silver Mesa and Great Salt Lake Council leadership, the Activity Tour Plan has been discontinued. Please review the information included in these links:

Thank you for your continuing dedicated service as you help prepare the wonderful Young Men of our zone for lives of service as Priesthood Men. We look forward to continuing our efforts to serve and support you and your adult AP/YM/Scout-leader colleagues.

With love and appreciation, 

Sandy East Zone Commissioners