Silver Mesa | District 15

Silver Mesa District serves Scouting youth in the Sandy area.

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District Leadership

District Key Three

Steve Teerlink - Chairman

Jonathan Barnes - Asst. Chairman

Jim Nordquist - Commissioner

Nita Orgill - District Manager

District Committee

Billie Atchley - District Roundtable Assistant

Jonathan Barnes- Finance Chair

Wayne Montierth - Training Chair

Jim Nordquist - Training

Jonathan Barnes - Friends of Scouting Coordinator

Gil Tavita - Friends of Scouting Coordinator

Jeremy Bach - Camping & Outdoor

Debra Olsen -  Advancement Vice Chair

Debra Olsen - Merit Badge Counselor Specialist

Todd Savage - Adult Recognition Advancement

Vera Christensen - Eagle Advancement

President Steward - Scouting For Food

Jim Greene - Webmaster

Alan Astle - COR Training

Ron Feulner - COR Training

Roy Miller - Order of the Arrow Adviser

Jimmy Holfetz - Jimmy Holfetz


Roundtable Staff

Cub Scouts

Janet Brooks - Assistant District Commissioner- Cubs

Rhonda Westenskow - Assistant District Commissioner- Cubs

Cynthia Kofford - Roundtable Commissioner- Cub Scouts

Lorin Stout - Cubmaster Section

Von McAllister - Cubmaster Section

LaWana Call - Den Leader Section

Jeannette McAllister - Den Leader Section

Diane Bigger - Webelos Leader Section

Michael McFalls - Webelos Leader Section

Jim Martin - Cub Committee Leader Section


Scouts BSA

Dee Young - Scouts BSA Roundtable

Rex Merrill - Scouts BSA Roundtable

Brad Zarbock - 11-Year-Old Scouts


Kelly Oliver - 14-18 Year-Old Discussion Group Leader



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A Scout is prepared- a useful adage for campouts as well as troop meetings. Whether you are new to Scouting or are a veteran, receiving more training can help the job be both easier and more beneficial to the Scouts.