Ridgeline High Adventure


Welcome to Ridgeline High Adventure!

You are about to embark on an adventure like you have never before experienced. Ridgeline’s program options provide EDGE-method exposure, enabling you to try new experiences and refine skills you already have.

Whether you are a Troop, Crew, or a religious group, an over the top experience awaits for all youth and adults involved. All you have to do is choose one of our three program options!

ATV Trek

Backpacking Trek

Base Camp


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Camp In Style

Choose from an assortment of shirts for your youth on our online shirt store. Your order will then be shipped directly to you!

Hinckley Current Fire Policy

The county has lifted the fire ban at Hinckley under the following conditions you will be allowed to have a fire in your fire pit.

  1. An Adult (over 21) must be present at all times while the fire is burning.

  2. You need to have enought water by the fire to completely quench the fire.

Thank you for following these restrictions while you are at camp and enjoy your camp experience.


Camp Contact

Camp Desk - Registration




Cancellation/Refund Policy

Due to the need to project the yearly costs for staff, program supplies, and food; there will be no refunds available for camp registration deposits. 

For full details regarding our refund policy, click here.

Apply for a refund here.