Commissioners: Charter Renewal

2018 Rechartering Packet Turn-In Deadline is November 15, 2017

Membership & Youth Protection Training Inventories

The secret to a simple charter renewal experience is to conduct regular membership and youth protection training inventories.  If all membership and youth protection training is current, rechartering could easily be completed in about an hour.  Follow the link in the box below for step by step instructions for Unit Key 3 members on how to conduct these inventories.



Charter Renewal Guides and Worksheets



Membership Cards

The Great Salt Lake Council will no longer provide printed membership cards with the new Charter certificates.  Instead, membership cards are available to be printed for every member of the unit at any time by a member of the Unit Key 3 (committee chair, unit leader, and COR).  Simply log on to and go to the Member Manager and select the roster for the unit.  This screenshot will help you know where to go.


Charter Presentation

The unit charter should be presented to the unit at a regular meeting of the chartered organization.  The ceremony should be dignified and recognize the relationship between Scouting and the organization and contain a charge to the unit committee and leaders about their responsibilities.  Additional information about the charter presentation is available in the Commissioner Fieldbook.