Cub Scout: Quality Standards

GSLC Cub Scouts

Revised June 2007


(Using Appropriate Cheers, Songs, Skits, Stunts, Games, and Ceremonies)

The Boy Scouts of America emphasizes a positive place in Cub Scouting. Any Cub Scouting activity should take place in a positive atmosphere where boys can feel emotionally secure and find support, not ridicule. Activities should be positive and meaningful and should help support the purpose of the BSA. When making decisions, resolve to follow the high road--If in doubt, take it out.

Some guidelines for determining appropriate activities include:

  • Name-calling, put-downs, hazing, ridiculing, physical harm, or references to such, are not appropriate.
  • References to undergarments, nudity, or bodily functions are not acceptable.
  • Derogatory references to ethnic or cultural backgrounds, economic situations, and disabilities are not acceptable.
  • Alcohol, drugs, gangs, guns, suicide and other sensitive social issues are not appropriate subjects.
  • Wasteful, ill-mannered, or improper use of food, water, or other resources is not appropriate.
  • Refrain from "inside jokes" that are exclusionary and have meaning to only part of the audience.
  • To encourage citizenship and respect for patriotic ideals, the lyrics to the following patriotic songs should not be changed: "America," "America the Beautiful," "God Bless America," and "The Star-Spangled Banner."
  • Lyrics to songs should be positive, build self-confidence and self-esteem, and be age appropriate.
  • Ceremonies should be impressive. This will motivate the boys to accomplish even more.
  • All Cub Scouting activities should reflect the values and ideals of Cub Scouting as outlined by the Cub Scout Promise and Law of the Pack.


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