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In the fall of 2018 units selling popcorn in the Great Salt Lake Council averaged $3,500 in commission which paid for summer camp, awards, events and even uniforms!

For many, it paid for the whole Scouting year!

How do we participate in the Trails-End Popcorn Sale?

Sign-up for the popcorn sale at Trails-End

Talk to your unit committee and parents. The sooner they know about the popcorn sale the better!

Attend the Council popcorn sale kick off August 27th so you are prepared to sell come mid-September. 

Contact Yaroch Rocque 801-582-3663 Ext. 227 if you have any questions or would like more details.


Register for Council Popcorn Kickoff- Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Register unit with Trail-end

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