Popcorn 2017 Program

Evil villain robot Mega-Corn the Destroyer has come to planet Earth to eat all of the world's popcorn, so Earth has called upon The Popcorn Squad, a group of adventurous Scouts with super powers, to stop Mega-Corn before Earth is eradicated of popcorn!



  1. Gain confidence & develop people skills.
  2. Get their first job.
  3. Earn their way to camp or save money for college.


Scouts can sell through any of these avenues:

Show and Sell

Sell at store fronts as a unit/ind seller, let Scouts get to know each other better and to work better as a team.  Also, it's a great way to recruit new members by letting the public know there is an active unit/ind seller in the area.  The individuals get to meet other Scout alumni and share some Scouting stories as well.

Take Order

Scouts can go to friends and family to let them know what they are earning money towards. Parents can take forms to work.  Co-workers love to hear what your Scouts are doing in their Scouting unit!

Online Orders

Scouts don't have to do face to face selling.  Scouts can register online at www.Trails-End.com and send out emails to friends and family.  Trail's End will ship the order directly to the customer.  Scouts don't have to handle money or product, while still earning a commission.

If your unit/Scout does not need the money consider a service project to help support refugee troops or local children's hospital:

Consider the value of teaching Scouts new selling and team building skills.

  • Scouts learn the value of setting and achieving a goal.
  • Self worth in earning their own way to camp and/or helping the unit/ind seller earn money for awards, supplies, and Scouting activities.
  • Confidence in learning communication and salesmanship skills. Cub Scouts can work on Communications and Good Manners, along with achievements in their books.  Scouts can work toward American Business, Communication, Personal Management, and Salesmanship merit badges by participating in popcorn sales.
  • Pride in earning a scholarship for college expenses or a mission.