Pony Express | District 16

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District Key Three

Derek Christensen - Chairman

Glen Thorne - Commissioner

Sean Neal - District Manager

District Committee

Bob Hurd - Advancement

Harold Bowman - COR Training

Eric Montague - Finance

Aaron Ruckman - Jamboral District Representative

Dale Thompson - Merit Badge Pow Wow

Ferrell Peterson - Program / Activities

Luane Jensen - Scouting for Food -


Emiko Hallmeyere - Silver Beaver Representative

Chris Waterman - Utah Scouting Expo

Brian Anderson - Webmaster

Ron George - Special Rep At Large

James Limb - Special Rep At Large


Ray Chatwin - Special Rep At Large


Hank Hoffer - Order of the Arrow Chapter Adviser


Cub Scouts


Sharon Richens - Vice-Chairman

Ranae Monsen - Roundtable Commissioner

Jerry Monsen - Cubmaster

Stan Jarvis - Webelos

Shauna Mitchell - Webelos

Janice Bruerton - Den Leader

Sue Tolman - Den Leader

Emiko Hallmeyer - Committee Chair Section

Sharon Richins - Activities Chairman

Margaret Johnson - Activities Chairman

Scouts BSA


Steve Dayhuff - Vice-Chairman

Gary Fulton - Assistant Vice Chairman

Chris Waterman - Roundtable Commissioner

Brent Shaw - Training

Brent Robinson - 11-Year Olds

Justin Delcambre - 11-Year Old Assistant



Scott Allen - Vice Chairman

Rob Thorup - Assistant Roundtable Commissioner

Chris Pina - Assistant Roundtable Commissioner

Eric Berubi - Assistant Roundtable Commissioner

Bill Brown - Assistant Roundtable Commissioner

Derek Christensen - Assistant Roundtable Commissioner


The Express Newsletter

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