Internet Advancement 2.0 Instructions

Note: You no longer need a unit ID number to access Internet Advancement. Instead, you will access the system using you’re username and password. To access Internet Advancement, you must be registered as a member of the key 3 for your unit (committee chairman, charter representative, or cubmaster/scoutmaster) or be designated as the unit advancement chair. To be designated as the unit advancement chair, please follow the instructions below. If you don’t remember your username or password. Please call National’s Help Desk 972-580-2489.

Entering Advancements

Follow steps 1-5

Click on Roster for pack or troop

Select one or more scouts

Click record advancement

Enter completion date

Type of advancement

Advancement Item

Click save and Approve another or Approve and finish

Select Run Report

Click edit Report to make changes or click Generate report

Right click to print report


For more information go

Internet Advancement 2.0

1.Login to

2.Use your own login information

3.Click on Menu

4.Click on Legacy Web Tools

5.Click on Internet Advancement 2.0


To designate someone as the Advancement Person

Follow steps 1-4

Click on your Pack or Troop unit #

Click on Organizational Security Manager

Click on Unit Advancement Chair

Click on the green plus button

Use drop down box to select registered adult.

(it takes 72 hours or 3 days for changes to take effect)