2016 Merit Badge Blast

Welcome to the 2016 Merit Badge Blast webpage. Here you'll find information on what you and your Scouts can expect to happen during the two weekends that this event will be held. Several merit badges will be able to be completed during one weekend while several others will take both weekends to complete OR be completed at another time at your discretion. 

For 2016, the dates for the Merit Badge Blast will be on: August 26 - 27th AND September 2 - 3rd. Friday - Saturday activities will be held at Camp Tracy ONLY. All other locations will only be on Saturday (August 27th and September 3rd). 

Camp Tracy Information:


  • August 26th 4:00pm - August 27th 5:00pm
  • September 2nd 4:00pm - September 3rd 5:00pm


  • $35 per Scout, $10 per Adult, includes Friday night cracker barrel, Saturday breakfast and lunch.


  • Limited space available.
    • Bring your own tent - free
    • Cabins: $5 per person
    • Tent city: $2.50 per person
    • Camping is available on a limited basis

For a list of merit badges at Camp Tracy, please click on the link on the date on the right-hand side you are interested in attending.

Satellite Location Information:

For this year's Merit Badge Blast, we are excited to offer several locations throughout the council boundaries. Two locations will serve as merit badge hubs. Several other locations will offer several other merit badges at their location. This year's locations will be:

Merit Badge Hubs

  • LDS Stake Center, September 3rd ONLY- $25 youth $5 adult includes lunch (This location has been moved to Camp Tracy. All current registered attendees for the Merit Badge Blast at the Stake Center will now meet at Camp Tracy.)

Other Locations

  • The Living Planet Aquarium, August 27th AND September 3rd - $24 per youth
  • RIverton Police Department, August 27th ONLY - $10 per youth

*Please know location and time is subject to change at any time. As we've worked to strengthen the committment for the satelillite locations, conflicts can arise with the event dates and may require a change in location at any time.

For a list of merit badges at the satellite locations, please click on the date on the right-hand side you are interested in attending the event.