Lamar Valley Backpacking Trip

med_lamar valley trek.png

Are you looking for one of the best wildlife hikes ever? Do you want to see a Grizzly Bear or a Wolf? This might be the trek for you.

Tourists line the highway every day at sunrise to get a glimpse at the wildlife that thrive in the Lamar Valley. It is known as one of the most wild places in the entire park. As you hike far from the road you will see much more than the roadside spectators can ever dream of. From this trek you will begin to see buffalo on your trail, wolves in the morning twilight, or bears off in the distance. This is the trek of a lifetime.

Spend four days and three nights hiking along the Lamar River in Eastern Yellowstone. Capacity for this trek is 2 groups per session with 11 participants and 1 guide in each group (22 total participants + 2 guides). The groups camp and travel seperately, but may have some time for interaction during the day on the trail.

Fee: $385 per person