An Unforgettable Experience

There aren’t many things that a boy or girl can look back on and say, “If it hadn’t been for that experience, I wouldn’t be where I am today.” But that is exactly what we hear from camp staff time and time again. Whether they spent a single camp season with or 10, participating on camp staff provides an opportunity to learn, grow, & become a leader unlike any other.

When participating on camp staff, you’ll have opportunities to:

Provide service so memorable that the Scouts & Scouters you interact with will tell stories about you
Teach unique skills to young people that they otherwise would never have had the chance to learn
Spend your days (and possibly nights) in some of the most beautiful bits of land you’ve ever seen (including the Uinta Mountains, Grand Teton National Park, Bear Lake, & even Yellowstone National Park)
Create friendships with fellow staff members that will last a lifetime

This is just the start of what is waiting for you when you become a member of the Great Salt Lake Council Camp Staff.

So what are you waiting for?! Apply today!

Enjoy beautiful Millcreek Canyon this summer where you will be able to participate in providing one of our many programs. One of the many benefits of working at Millcreek Canyon Camps is that your work schedule typically allows you to spend your evenings at home where you’ll even get to sleep in your own bed!

Millcreek Canyons Camps include:

Cub Country
Webelos Adventure Hollow
Camp Tracy
Camp Tracy Outdoor Adventure

Our resident camps are situated on some of the most picturesque pieces of land that you will ever see. And by becoming a member of staff at one of these properties, you’ll be able to live there for an entire summer! That’s right, lodging & meals are included with your employment!

Resident Camps include:

Bear Lake Aquatics Base
Camp Steiner
Camp Sunrise at Hinckley Scout Ranch
East Fork Scout Camp at Hinckley Scout Ranch
Teton High Adventure base

Our Winter Camp at Camp Tracy is a premier winter program where Scouts from all over our Council come to enjoy the beauty of Millcreek Canyon. And only the best-of-the-best are picked to participate in this special program.