Influential Women In Scouting

The Great Salt Lake Council initiated an award to pay tribute to Women whose lives and activities have benefited the cause of Scouting. An influential Woman is someone who has shown noteworthy service to Scouting, exceptional character that promotes the values of Scouting, significant years of accumulative service to Scouting and the Community, received training in Scouting, and has made a difference in the lives of Scouts.

Influential Women In Scouting SCOUTER'S HEART

Each year the Influential Women In Scouting Committee commits to helping the community through a service project.  The 2019 project will soon be announced.  If you are interested in helping, please contact Lisa Boren at 801-582-3663 or email.

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Influential Women In Scouting Past Recipients


Lynette P. Banks, Sally Dietlein, Joy D. Jones, Christina A. Judd, Nancy B. McQuillan, Suzanne P. Osmond, Colleen Plaizier, Catherina M. Price, Melissa E. Wallace, Cindie G. Williams


Abby Bonell, Cynthia J. Christensen, Ramona F. Damewood, Emiko T. Hallmeyer, Luane A. Jensen, Missy Larsen, Ellen G. Lunt*, Ranae B. Monsen, Tammy L. Rodeback, Diana L. Schmidt, Rosemary M. Wixom


Diane Elwood, Janet Griffin, Fadwa Lawrence, Darlene LeFevre, Jacklyn McKenzie, Geraldine Munford, Keelee Powell, Catherine Richards, Karen Thomas, Susan Walles, Traci Wood


Linda Bishop, Karen Bruns, Pamela Carson, Marilyn Golding, Ruth Morrey, Mary Jo Page, Aralee Scothern, Linda Vaughn, Heather Young


Marilyn M. Broadbent, Vera Christensen, Valerie "Val" Bunting, Jacalyn Smith Leavitt, Lynne Ann Maxfield, Phyllis Patterson, LaVern Parmly*, Donna Wagstaff, Julia A. Wager, Pamela K. Youngs


Laura Kay Anderson, Linda Rae Black, Joann Child, Mary Jayne Dellenbach, Crystal Lee Nebeker, Debra Ann Olsen, Beverley Taylor Sorenson*, Joyce E. Warby, Betty R. Williams*, Annette S. York


Nina Beers, Betty Eatchel*, Janet Fransen, KaLee Harper, Jan Kirkham, Myrna Passey, Susanne Rigtrup*, Kathi Robertson, Pamela Smith


Cindy L. Broadbent, Norma Ilene Crawford, Leslie J. Gates, Judy S. Martin, Susan K. Metcalf, Christine Perry, Nancy L. Reading, Betty Shaw, Mary Ellen Smoot, Donna Packer Swiss*


JoAnn Coupal, Michelle Ekins, Jeanne M. Hughes*, Gail Jordison, Isabel Krebs, Leora Marcheschi*, Maggie Newbold, Terri B. Packer, Dwan J. Young


Diane Bench, Joan Fenton, Jeannine Marie Hawkins, Sharon Larkin, Mona Layton, Clara Markowski, Grace Marsen*, Geraldine McBeth, Patricia Patterson


Joyce Beverley, Sherrill Chapman, Zella Dahlquist, Joyce Dupaix, Pamela Grant, Marina Gonzalez, Nola Marie Hemingway*, Gail Miller, Verna Lloyd Newell*, Ellen Paine, Jana Powell*


*Indicates deceased