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Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events








 KEY 3


 District Manager Tess English 801-582-3663 

 District Chairman Gary Hansen 801-450-6984 

 District Commissioner Dan Decker 385-315-8219 




 Nominating - Gary Sume 801-280-5922 

 Finance - Scott L. Sackett II 801-598-0689 

 Membership - Todd Kindred 801-280-1117 

 Relationships - Jeff Augason 801-280-3612 

 Training - Darin Furnell 801-282-1282

 Camping -Ron Olsen 801-860-9200 

 Program - Ron Olsen 801-860-9200 

 Advancement - Jim Bybee 801-673-4652 




 Rechartering - Dan Decker 385-315-8219 

 Journey to Excellence - Paul Braman 801-969-6649

 Website - Don Anderson 801-879-6627 

 Newsletter - Burton Needles 801-556-2803




 Chapter - Bart Mickelsen 801-598-8085

 Associate Chapter - Eric Winsor 801-282-3732




Roundtable Commissioner

      Cub Shelly - Thomas (801) 699-2883 

      Cub Assistant - Suzy Gaeta (801) 835-4225

      11-Year-Old Scout - Scott Briggs 801-280-0214

Cub Roundtable Section Leader

     New Leaders - Leslie Gates (801) 562-4521

     Cubmaster - Linda Larsen (801) 280-5013 

     Den Leader - Tim & Janae Wallace (801) 678-0998 

     Webelos - Nisha Winsor (801) 282-3732 

     Committee - Collette Brown (801) 518-2415

     Committee - Dan Christensen (801) 641-5399

 Boy Scout Roundtable Commissioner

     Arly Pedersen 801-671-1635 

     Boyd Hill 801-965-6644     


      Varsity Huddle - Dirk Burton 801-282-2335 

      Assistant Varsity Huddle - Brent Hobbs 801-966-5061

      Venture Forum  - Josh Parry 801-450-6837 




 LDS Relationships Chairman - Kevin Nudd 801-967-1352 

Committee Member

      Cobble Creek Stake - Jesse Wood 801-541-4843 

      Copper Hills Stake - Robert Howe 801-703-8135 

      Heritage Stake - Lane Henslee  

      Jordan Oaks Stake - Ryan Kershaw 801-280-0568 

      Oquirrh Stake - Steven Harward 801-963-8601 

      Oquirrh Point Stake C- Pete Bradford  

      Park Stake - Stewart Brennan  

      Prairie Stake -Craig McBeth 801-965-6388 

      Sunset Ridge Stake - Jeff Homer 801-707-1055 

      Sycamores Stake - Scott Moore 801-250-9677 

      Welby Stake - David Finch 801-282-5095 

      Westbrook Stake - David Derksen 801-968-4611 



Cub Scouts


Boy Scouts

Trail to Eagle

In lieu of our traditional spring merit badge powwow, we're trying something new this year.  For those interested in working on their Eagle required merit badges, the district will be hosting two merit badge classes and a Trail to First Class session each month on a rotation.  During this initial roll-out, we'll be limiting registration to 10 boys per class, so sign up today.  Registration is $5/boy each month they attend classes. Each young man will only work on ONE merit badge each evening.




Golden Eagle: Roundtable

Roundtable & Order of The arrow

2nd Thursday 7:00pm

All Unit leaders, unit commissioners, and others who desire training in a particular scouting family.

Provide “to do” and “will to do” skills. “To do” skills include teaching skills, techniques, information, and program ideas to run a successful unit. “Will to do” skills include providing unit leaders with the desire to maintain a high level of enthusiasm, inspiration, and vision.

COR Roundtable

1st Thursday 7:00pm

CORs or designees

The COR portion of Roundtable is presented on the 1st Thursday to that CORs can attend other portions during the regular Roundtable night.


Upcoming Trainings



Trail To Eagle Registration



Class A

Citizenship in the Community


Class B

Family Life


Trail to First Class

Citizenship in the Community


Classes are held at the Welby chapel, located at 8385 S 4800 W, West Jordan, UT 84088

Additional details are available in the PDF available here. 

Recharter Training Powerpoint by Dan Decker



LDS Relationship Meeting

1st Thursday of Jan, Mar, May, Aug, Sept, & Nov 8:30pm

LDS Relationship Committee Member or his assignee if he is unable to attend.

Help maintain and strengthen working relationships between each Zone/Stake and the District, coordinate activities, training, and staffing needs of the District.


District Committee Meeting

2nd Thursday 8:15pm

District Chairman, Assistant District Chairman, District Commissioner, Assistant District Commissioner, District Executive, Chairmen and Commissioners.

To plan district activities and events. Ensure that council activities, events, and goals are being supported. Make assignments and following up on assignments previously given.


Commissioner Staff Meeting

1st Thursday 7:00pm

Assistant District Commissioners and Unit Commissioners. This would include Stake High Councilman assigned as unit commissioners, Stake YM Presidency, Stake Primary Presidency, etc.

Build enthusiasm, provide training, and review unit needs.


Zone Meetings

1st Thursday 8:00pm


Key 5 Meeting

(formerly Key 3) - District Chairman and Assistant District Chairman, District Commissioner and Assistant District Commissioner, District Manager.

Plan, strategize and share needs and concerns of the district.