Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the Great Salt Lake Council Frequently Asked Question page. If you do not find the question you have or the answer you need please contact the council office at (801) 582-3663. For quick reference, click on the topic subject you are interested in and it will automatically take you to the first question in that topic.



I took the online Youth Protection Training but wasn't able to print a certificate.

After passing the test you can log back into MyScouting, then go to E-Learning then to Youth Protection. Click on View Certificate and print.

What is the BSA's policy on Scouts participation in political events?

The National Boy Scouts of Americas' policy on participation in political events is: Uniformed unit members or leaders may participate in flag ceremonies at political events and may lead Pledge of Allegiance; however, they should retire after the ceremony and NOT remain on the speakers' platform or in a conspicuous location where television viewers would construe their presence as an endosement or symbol of support. In addition, photos of candidates or Scouts in uniform or BSA marks and logos are NOT allowed in political materials of any kind. The Boy Scouts of America does not endorse any political candidate. Care must be taken to not make implications that we do.

I'm a den leader. Where can I get an Informed Consent Agreement form?

On our council website, go to Forms and Materials then to Activity Consent Form.

Can I get the council’s Federal Identification Number for an in-kind donation that my unit or a youth working on his Eagle project is going to give to the donor (usually a retail outlet)?

Under IRS policies, since the council is not receiving the in-kind donation directly and cannot attest that it will be used for tax exempt purposes we cannot release our Federal Identification Number. If your sponsoring organization is a tax-exempt, it is best to get their Federal Identification Number since they have control over donations in-kind.

When is Scout Sunday observed?

Scouting’s anniversary date is on February 8th. Scout Sunday is observed on the Sunday that includes February 8th.

How do I nominate someone for the Silver Beaver award?

Nomination forms are available via Select “Programs” then “Association:Silver Beaver”. The link is directly under the previous year congratulatory list. You can then print the .pdf copy of the nomination form. If you are in one of our offices, they should have forms you can pick up. Nominations are due by 5:30 pm on the 1st Tuesday in November.

When are Silver Beaver nomination forms due?

The nomination forms are collected from December to the 1st Tuesday in November of the following year.

How are the Silver Beaver nominees selected?

Copies of the nominations are prepared and given to a selection committee. Following the review of the nominations by committee members, the selection is made as to who will receive a nomination from the council for that year. Those selected should be notified of their nomination by Christmas Day of that year. A list of those who received nominations is available after Christmas.

When are the awards actually given to Silver Beaver recipients?

The Great Salt Lake Council has traditionally held their recognition evening the first part of March in the following year.

Are Silver Beaver receipients names printed in the local newspapers?

We do prepare a new release for local papers. However, printing of the information is generally done at no charge to the council so we are at the mercy of the publisher as to when and if the information is printed. The best thing to do is watch the papers just prior to and several months following the recognition evening.

Where will the Silver Beaver recognition ceremony be held?

The past few years the ceremony has been held at the Bountiful Regional Center, (835 N 400 E, North Salt Lake, the old Valley Music Hall) with a starting time of 7:00 p.m.

Where do I get a “Unit Money Earning” application?

With access to the internet, the form can be downloaded from We do have some three part NCR forms available in the secretary’s office at the Foothill Service Center.

Who approves Unit Money Earning applications?

In the Great Salt Lake Council, it is generally approved by the Director of Field Services.

How long does it take to have a Unit Money Earning application approved?

It can be processed within a few days after it is received in the council office.

We are going to be driving our boys around the neighborhood to pick up Scouting for Food items and also selling Scout-O-Rama tickets. Do we need permission slips from the parents to do this?

Yes. Anytime you are going to be transporting boys you need to have a signed Activity Consent Form for each boy. Make sure you are not transporting kids in the back of pickup trucks, tailgates, or trailers.

Do you have to take Climb On Safely training even if you are going to a climbing gym? What training is required for climbing and rappelling?

Yes. Climb on Safely would be required for any climbing/rappelling activity. The leaders would know that by complete the course they would be considered the qualified supervisor for the event. However, they would not be a qualified instructor unless they are trained as a BSA Climbing Instructor or an equivalent. Both are required for a climbing/rappelling program activity. Someone also needs to be currently CPR certified. To obtain a list of qualified BSA Climbing Instructors contact the council at 801-582-3663 and ask for one of the secretaries. Climb on Safely training is approximately a 40-minute training, that can be taken through roundtables or arranged by your district executive.

Where do I look for Journey to Excellence requirements?

Go to our website select the forms section and click Journey to Excellence. There is a side pop-up menu where you can select your family of Scouting and pull up the Journey to Excellence requirements for that family.

Does the council have GPS units for unit checkout?

No. We have radio telemetry devices that units can check out. There are transmitters that the boy (and leaders too) can wear. You can track each individual with a telemetry “gun” that is also available for checkout. A Tour & Activity Plan is required for use of the radio telemetry devices. To make a reservation contact the council office at 801-582-3663 and ask for any of the secretaries.


Risk Management


Do we need to have parents sign an Activity Consent Form for each activity away from the den meeting site or can we have parents sign one form for several activities?

Activity Consent Forms are to be filled out for each activity.

What happened to the tour and activity plan?

As of April 1, 2017, tour and activity plans have been discontinued. Please see this link for more information.

A Scout was hurt during a unit activity. What does Scouting insurance cover?

The primary insurance for anyone injured on a Scouting activity is the person’s own (parents if a minor) accident insurance. A secondary insurance may be in place through the sponsoring organization who chartered the unit. The sponsor should be contacted about any additional insurance.

A Scout was hurt during a unit activity and my sponsor is the LDS Church. Who do I contact?

The bishop of your local ward should have the information on who to contact regarding the Church’s accident insurance coverage. If additional information is needed, you should contact the LDS Church risk management department.

What constitutes a “reportable” accident to the council?

Any injury that cannot be treated with basic first aid should be reported to the council and your chartered organization. All serious or fatal accident injury or illness should be reported to the local council. This includes any period of unconsciousness; any hospital inpatient admission; or any surgical intervention other than suturing of the skin or setting of simple fractures.

Who do I report an accident to?

You should report any accident to your district executive or the professional advisor over the event at which the accident occurred. If you do not know who this individual is contact the council at 801-582-3663.

Are we required to have two adults in each vehicle when we are transporting youth?

No. You do need to have a minimum of two youth and one leader in a vehicle. You do need to have two adults on all trips and outings. An adult should never be one on one with a youth other than their own child.

Why do we have to have a leader in our group who has completed the Safe Swim Defense course when we are going to a public pool or hot springs?

Before a BSA group may engage in swimming activities of any kind, a minimum of one adult leader must complete Safe Swim Defense training, At a public pool the lifeguard may be looking another direction or at a private facility their may not be a life guard on duty. One leader needs current Safe Swim certification to make sure the area and those participating are safe. This training must be renewed every two years. Currently the training is available online through our website and it takes most people less than 30 minutes to complete.

Can the boys drive snowmobiles on an activity or outing?

Snowmobiles are an age-restricted activity and should only be used on outings and activities for older Boy Scouts (age 14 and above). Boys age 14 and 15 (in the state of Utah) must have completed the OHV course and have in their possession their certificate to be able to drive a snowmobile. Boys age 16 and above may drive a snowmobile if they have a current driver license. All boys in this age group can be riders. All operators and passengers should wear protective head gear. For more information on Utah Laws can be found at

What if we just have the leaders drive snowmobiles and boys (13 and under) ride?

This is not an authorized activity or outing for a group including boys under the age of 14. Do not allow them to be pulled behind the machines in a sled either as this falls into the same category as if the boys were in a trailer which must never be used for carrying passengers. Sleds and toboggans with people on them should not be connected to any other mode of transportation (including another sled or toboggan).

Boy Scouting

I would like to go to the national jamboree as a leader, what do I need to do?

Go to our web site , under events print out an “Intent to Serve” form, turn it into the council service center. You will be notified when to come in for an interview.

Is it held in place of the jamboree? What is the difference? Is the jamboral only held in the day and not overnight?

The jamboral is not held in place of the jamboree. The jamboral is a council event held locally of which the troops do camp overnight. The jamboree is a National event. The next National Jamboree will be held in 2017. You can call our Camping and Events Desk and get the details on how you can reserve your space to attend.

I received a postcard in the mail letting me know my son’s Eagle certificate had arrived and should be picked up within the next 30 days. It’s been over 30 days, what should I do?

That is not a problem, pick it up at the Foothill office.

We are going ice fishing. Do we need to have Safe Swim Defense training?

It is recommended. The thickness of the ice should be tested. The tour leader needs to have read Guide to Safe Scouting. Leaders and youth should also review the winter activities information in the Guide to Safe Scouting.

Our troop has been issued a Tour and Activity Plan but would like to add two vehicles so that some girls can join our activity.

The girls may attend a Scout activity if they are registered Venture crew. Unregistered youth may attend one activity as long as they intend to join Scouting. It would be best to submit another tour permit for the Venture crew so that the needed registered adult females are present.

Where do we go for training I am a new troop committee member?

Fast Start training is available online, ask at your roundtable for a district training schedule. If your district is not having one in the near future, you can attend another district’s training. On the council website on the left hand side there is a 'Training' tab. A side menu will pop up, select 'Training Dates'. This will give you the dates of any scheduled trainings throughout the district and the contact names/e-mails for the different trainings.

Do the recycle bins with troop numbers on them get credited to the Great Salt Lake Council?

No, they are set up by the individual troops.

Camping & Events

Can I just go to Camp Tracy and camp overnight and have use of the tubing hill?

No, you must call the council office and make reservations. The cabins rent for $25.00 each per night plus a $40.00 cleaning deposit. The tent sites located in the Cub Country area rent for $1.00 per person or $50.00 per group which ever is the least amount of money plus a $40.00 cleaning deposit. Use of the tubing hill is an additional $15.00.

When going to camp, how many adults are required to attend, is it 2 for each 10 boys?

You have to have at least 2 adults for any size group. We strongly recommend 1 adult for every 5 boys.

Do I have to have two adults with just 2 boys?

Unless the boys are brothers and their parent is going with them, you need to have 2 adults.

How many merit badges can a boy earn at camp?

A boy has the opportunity to earn at least 8 merit badges, depending on which ones they choose.

Are the majority of merit badges the same at all camps?

Yes, there are a few exceptions, but for the most part they are the same.

Can I register for camp online?

All of our camps are available for online registration. Go to our website, select Camps and choose the camp you want to sign up for. You will need to be prepared to pay with a Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express at the end of the transaction.

Can I get a permit online?

Yes. Go to our website and select Forms & Materials.

Is the camp availability online accurate?

Yes, you are seeing the latest and the most up to date information available.

Can I just mail my camp reservation in with my deposit? Who do I make the check payable to?

You may do that, but we cannot guarantee the camp or camp site you have chosen will still be available. Make your check out to the Boy Scouts of America.


How soon will I/we be notified of criminal background check status?

Due to privacy laws and concerns, the only persons who will be notified of a criminal background check are: 1. The applicant - and then only if a problem surfaces with the criminal background check, thereby giving him/her an opportunity to challenge/dispute the criminal background check if they fell it is incorrect. 2. The sponsoring institutional head - will be notified immediately if membership is denied or, additional information is needed.

How long does it take get registered?

Youth: Usually registered within 1-2 days after receipt of application and fees. Adults: Have to go through approval process after application is received in office. Usually registered with 2-3 weeks after receipt of application and fees. During June and December, they can take 3-4 weeks. During charter renewal time, they may be as soon as 2-3 weeks or can take up to 3 months (sometimes longer) depending on charter submission by sponsors.

My son has not received his Boys’ Life Magazine. I gave the money to a member of our Scout committee when we re-chartered.

The unit’s charter has to be processed before Boys’ Life subscription can be submitted. You will receive all 12 issues once the charter is transmitted to the National Council.

Why can’t I pay for more than one year of Boys’ Life at a time?

Boys’ Life expires when the unit charter does. Therefore, Boys’ Life subscriptions must be renewed at charter renewal time.

We have an individual who does not want to give their Social Security number as requested on the registration form, can they still become a Scout leader?

No. The Social Security number is needed to certify that the applicant is who they say they are.

You have my Social Security number on file, why do I have to include it on my new application?

It helps us verify that another person is not using your Social Security number.

When a boy turns 11 years old, does the computer automatically move him from Cub Scouting to Boy Scouts?

No. A complete application is needed to verify that unit leaders are aware of the change and that parents approve of the program change for their son.

Why can’t we register online? We did when we re-chartered?

Re-chartering is the only time online registration access if available. Completed registration forms can be taken to any of our council offices. The staff there will be happy to assist you.

Why do I have to pay when I turn in applications?

Typically, unit and member registration fees are paid at charter renewal time. Additional youth and adults are to be paid at the council offices.

Can I write just on check for registration and the supplies I plan to buy in the Scout Shop?

No. We are two separate businesses. The Scout Shops are owned and operated by the National Supply Division, Boy Scouts of America

What is my I. D. Number?

This can be found on your membership card and also when you download your roster when processing your online advancement.

Why do I need a new application form when I move from one unit to another unit?

The charter organization representative and committee chairman need to approve your new position and sign your application.

Why do we need to register every year?

The charters need to be updated annually.

My new roster isn’t online even after we have submitted it, why?

The charter needs to be paid for before it is transmitted to the National Council. There are times whey they are held up in the Council Registration Department waiting for the payment.


How do I change the unit processor on the internet advancement program?

Call any of the council offices and the staff can reset the user profile.

I have lost my Eagle Scout badge, how can I get another one?

A new one can be purchased in any Scout Shop. You will need to bring your Eagle pocket card or certificate to show proof that you are an Eagle Scout. If you do not have your card, you can go to the advancement department and they will verify it for you. They can also give you paperwork to order a new card and certificate from the National office.

Where can I find the Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook online?, click on ‘Trail to Eagle”, then click on “Eagle Scout Project How-to Manual.” Make sure you print out all the pages.

Who can sign off a rank requirement?

The Scoutmaster, assistant Scoutmaster, a troop committee member, senior patrol leader, patrol leader or any other member of the troop that the Scoutmaster approves.

What is my unit ID number?

A number associated with our membership system. Call any of our Scout offices, they can tell you your unit’s ID number.

My son can’t decide who to give the mentor pin to, can he give 2 pins?

Yes, you can purchase extras mentor pins in the Scout Shop.

How do I add boys to the internet advancement for our unit?

You will need to register the boys, who do not appear on your unit roster. Fill out the registration forms, have the parents sign them, take them to one of our Scout offices, pay their registration fee. Allow a couple of working days for the registration department to complete the process and the boy swill appear on your roster.

I need advancement for boys today who are not on the internet advancement system, what can I do?

Ask to fill out one of the old style advancement reports, take the back copy with you and you can use it to update the boys’ records after you get them registered.

I have boys that are in the wrong program group (Cub Scout instead of Webelos) how do I fix this?

Call the council registration department. The staff in that department can correct this for you.

I need to know what merit badges my son has earned, can you tell me?

You will need to come to the Council office (525 Foothill Blvd.) and research your own troop’s file. If he has been in more than one troop in our Council, you will need to know his previous troop numbers as well.

We moved to another state. How do I get my son's advancement records?

If you will give our Advancement Department staff the boy’s name, birth date, previous address, previous troop number we can request a transfer from his previous Council.

Do I have to bring the Eagle application to the council office or can I drop it off at one of the other council locations?

We would prefer you bring it to the Council office, it can be checked for accuracy at that time. If that doesn't’t work well for you, they can be dropped off at either South Valley or the North Valley service desk.

I accidentally put in the wrong merit badge for one of the boys on internet advancement, how can I get it removed?

Call the advancement department, the staff can remove it for you.

Do you have a list of merit badge counselors?

No. Merit badge counselor lists should be created within the unit. Your troop committee can create their list from qualified individuals within the troop or district boundaries. All merit badge counselors must be registered with Boy Scouts of America.