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Escape the Camp o Ree!

Scouts! The camp director has gone mad. 

The Fall Camp o Ree at Camp Tracy has been rigged to "blow-up" in 6 hours!  The camp director knew he was going mad and has placed a code hidden within the games that you are now forced to play for his amusement.  This code will help you disarm the device that threatens to "blow" the camp sky high. 

You must play all the games to complete this diabolical puzzle!  You will need to use your scout skills and work as a troop if you expect to be able to get out alive.  The only things you are given is a cryptic piece of paper with a grid, random scout information, and a list of clues.


Note to those worried:  There is no threat. This is a game. 

See you September 27th to the 29th, if you dare!

Registration Information:


Early bird discount is $15.00 if registered before Sep 12, 2019!
Last day of registration is Sep 24, 2019