Cub Scout Leader Training

Training Requirements

Each role in scouting has its own requirements to be considered trained and eligible to wear the "Trained Patch" on the official Boy Scout Uniform. Please click HERE to find the requirements for your CURRENT position in scouting.

Trouble Getting Credit for Completing Online Courses at My.Scouting.Org ??

The National Council's new online Cub Scout Course Modules have been reported as not giving immediate credit for completing a course. Several volunteers in the the Great Salt Lake Council have experienced the necessity of taking a course several times before credit is given.

In order to get credit, you will need to send an Email to BSA website customer service at the Email address found in the instructions below. Please send the Email after taking the course at least TWICE without receiving credit.


Send email to 

Subject: Problems with courses

Text Body:     I have completed the _____________ online course at least two times and have not yet recived any credit for completion.
Course Name: 
Browser Type Used:
Date Completed: 
Member ID or My.Scouting user name: 
Council:  Great Salt Lake Council
Your Full Name:  
Please give me credit online for course completion and fix the errors in the system

**********************************END INSTRUCTIONS**************************

There is an additional problem. The national website is still missing about ten course modules. The National Council (as of Sep 2105) does not have dates as to when these course modules will appear online. Leaders wishing to get completely trained, should take advantage of the leader specific training courses offered in the various districts.