Cub Scout Leader Awards

Boy Scouting and Cub Scouting are all about the youth, and helping them develop character, fitness, and to be good citizens. We want our boys to grow into the kind of individuals they were made to be, and that could not happen without the caring leadership of the men and women who volunteer in our council. 

Adults who work with youth have a frequently thankless job, so make sure they are recognized! 

There are awards which adults can earn in Scouting. Some represent special circumstance awards, such as for heroism. The training awards and keys are designed to recognize Scouters for tenure, training, and performance in their leadership roles.

Awards for Pack Leaders:

Den Leader Training Award (for Den Leaders in any den from Tigers to Arrow of Light)

Cubmaster's Key

Scouter's Training Award for Cub Scouting (this award is for Cub Committee members and other Cub Scouters who have finished other awards)

Unit Leader Award of Merit - Cubmasters who provide exceptional service to their pack can be nominated for this award by other members of his or her pack.

Awards for District Volunteers:

Scouter's Training Award for District Roundtable Staff

Roundtable Commissioner's Key

Nominated Awards for Exceptional Leaders:

District Award of Merit

Silver Beaver Award

Other Awards:

There are many other awards available to recognize our great scout leaders. Consider recognizing an exceptional female scouter by nominating her for the Influential Women in Scouting recognition. Other awards are listed at Awards Central along with requirements for each award.

Bryan on Scouting gave an excellent guide to awards and how to wear the knots on your shirt. Did you know that knots are supposed to face a certain direction? Check out the guide here.