Cub Scout Advancement

The Cub Scout Adventure Program was instituted in 2015 to make the Cub Scout program fun, interactive, and to get Cub Scouts out and moving. This fun and adventurous program helps young scouts develop skills and to have fun in their dens and packs. 

Dens are divided by age or school year into groups that draw their names from the characters of the Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling. Historically, more elements of this story found their way into the Cub Scout program, but these other elements have since been retired. All that remains are the animals.

The Lion Cub program is a pilot program underway for boys who are in Kindergarten or are 6 years old. If you are interested in participating in this program, please contact Denovan Lino at the main council office.

The Tiger den is made up of boys who are in 1st Grade or who are 7 years old. Together with their adult partner, they experience fun introductory adventures.

Once a boy reaches 2nd Grade or turns 8 years old, he can join a Wolf den. At age 9 or upon entering the 3rd Grade, boys enter the Bear den. Bears are able to have their first experience with pocket knives and continue to experience new adventures.

The Webelos den is made up of 10 & 11 year olds who are in either 4th or 5th Grade. Experience in this den allows boys to prepare to enter the Boy Scout program.  Initially, all Cub Scouts belonged to the Webelos tribe, symbolized by the Arrow of Light and led by Akela. Webelos was an acronym meaning Wolf, Bear, Lion, Scout--the first Cub Scout ranks. The name was later given a backronym of "WE'll BE LOyalScouts"

There are a lot of good updates on the Cub Advancement Program that can be found at the National Program Updates page. Click the link on the name to go to that page.