Commissioners: Training


Commissioner Training

Basic Training Courses from the National Council are available for unit commissioners, new-unit commissioners, roundtable commissioners, district & assistant district commissioners, and council commissioners. The entire course curriculum for the College of Commissioner Science has been updated and all courses have a new format, teaching guide, outlines, and presentations.

Great Salt Lake Commissioner Basic Training

District commissioners in the Great Salt Lake Council are encouraged to utilize this basic training summary for training new commissioners and as subject matter for ongoing training during their district commissioner staff meetings.

LDS Commissioner Orientation

The National Service Center has announced the addition of a new training module designed specifically for unit commissioners assigned to units chartered to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The training is also helpful to stake Primary presidencies, stake Young Men presidencies, high council advisers and others. Under the direction of the Young Men and Primary general presidencies, the LDSBSA Relationships office, and Scouting U, this 10-minute online video is designed as an initial training to give insight into the role of a unit commissioner. LDS Commissioner Orientation is now available at and is the first step in learning the role and responsibilities that will help make LDS Church chartered units successful.