Climbing, Rappelling, & Canyoneering

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Young people today seek challenges.
Climbing, rappelling, ice climbing/mountaineering and technical canyoneering offer them worthy opportunities to learn new skills, test themselves and have a terrific time. It is hard to top the satisfaction of climbing a rock face, rappelling down a steep pitch or navigating a 75-foot rappel in the confines of a narrow canyon only 4 feet wide and a thousand feet below the rim of a slick rock canyon. There are inherent risks to each of these activities.

For this reason the Boy Scouts of America and the Great Salt Lake Council have developed specific policies to help keep participants safe during these activities. That is why we want the leaders and youth of our council to understand the principles of “Know Risk… not No Risk!”

CLIMB AND RAPPEL AT COUNCIL CAMPS: The Great Salt Lake Council offers climbing activities at Bear Lake Aquatic Base, Hinckley Scout Ranch, Camp Steiner, & Camp Tracy.


INSTRUCTOR INFORMATION: All unit climbing, rappelling, ice climbing/mountaineering and technical canyoneering activities must adhere to, but not limited to, the following:

  1. Units must submit a Tour and Activity Plan to the Council for review.
  2. All participants must fill out parts A, B and C of the BSA Annual Health and Medical Record form.
  3. Units must have a minimum of two qualified instructors.
    1. Climbing and Rappelling: One BSA Climbing Level II instructor or Director and one other BSA climbing instructor.
    2. Technical Canyoneering: One GSLC Canyon Leader and one other BSA climbing instructor.
    3. Ice Climbing/Mountaineering: One GSLC Ice Climbing/Mountaineering Instructor and one other BSA climbing instructor.

For Great Salt Lake Council Units, the council has qualified instructors willing to take your unit climbing, rappelling, ice climbing/mountaineering or technical canyoneering. These instructors also, teach the: Climbing Merit Badge, Varsity Rock Climbing and Rappelling Pin, Venturing Ranger Award Mountaineering Elective.

To locate an instructor contact:

Brandt Jones, GSLC COPE and Climbing Committee Chairman:

801-712-9298 or email

You can also make a request at:     


The Great Salt Lake Council Offers GSLC Climbing Level I Climbing Courses. A Level I instructor can assist all climbing activities. The Climbing Level I Course is a pre-requisite to the Level II Climbing Instructor.

Climbing level I instructor course dates and information

PART 1 - Council Climbing Level I Instructor Course Training Dates:

Cost: $60.00 per participant 

Dates: April and October

For specific dates, please contact either: 

Mark Hartner -                        Phone: (801) 915-0392   
Brandt Jones -      Phone: (801) 712-9298

Registration is limited to 18 participants.
Attendance to all three dates is mandatory.

Training Schedule:
                       Time: 5:00pm-9:30pm
                       Location: TBD (To be determined)
                       Time: 8:00am-9:30pm
                       Location: TBD on rock
                       Bring own lunch.  Dinner will be provided
                       Time: 8:00am-5:00pm
                        Location: TBD on rock
                       Bring own lunch.

Part 2 - Participation Information
This is a fun and challenging course for adults 18 years and older who are
associated with BSA and wish to work towards becoming a certified BSA Climbing Instructor. 
It is an intensive three day class combining both classroom study and practical
application of the individual's climbing abilities in the field. 

Note: This course does require individuals to be able to climb, and a reasonable
          level of physical fitness is necessary.

Class size is limited, and pre-registration is required. Attendance of all three days is mandatory for successfull completion of the course.
This course presumes that you have a solid foundation in the fundamentals of climbing. 
These include: basic climbing knots, belay and rappelling techniques, basic understanding of rigging and equipment care.

Requirements: Completion of the requirements of the Climbing merit badge (mandatory).
You will need a completed Annual Health and Medical Record (mandatory).

Required Forms and Training Certificates: 
        Annual Health and Medical Form (pdf format)
           Climb On Safely training certificate available on
           Youth Protection Training certicicate available on
           Please bring a PHOTO copy with you to the event and keep a copy for
           your records at all times.
Current Council Policies:

Part 3 - Registration Information and Process:
In order to registar for the above COURSES please contact either
Mark Hartner or Brandt Jones.

Once contact is made then the link to registration will be forwarded to you
by email for the course.

Mark Hartner -                        Phone: (801) 915-0392   
Brandt Jones -      Phone: (801) 712-9298

Remember- "Young People are up to Challenges .... are you? See you there!