Camp Cards

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Sell camp cards to help you earn your way to summer camp!

Many packs and troops struggle getting the money to send their youth to summer camp.  To help, we are offering a great new way to raise money, the Camp Card! The Camp Card offers customers the same kind of great deals they got with Scout-O-Rama tickets, but they are cheaper and easier to sell!! With amazing savings, these cards are an easy sell for your pack or troop!

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Amazing deals for those who purchase!

The Camp Card features two separate tear-away offers. This year, those feature Jiffy Lube and Discount Movie Tickets. In addition to these great deals, the back of the card gives the customer access to a website that gives hundreds of discounts for stores here in our area! In the Salt Lake Valley, there are discounts for dining establishments, museums, rental businesses, tax services, tickets to local plays and music groups, as well as many others. 


The best part? All of this is just $5.00 for those who buy the card from you!

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No loopholes, no conditions.

It's simple. Once you buy the cards from us, you don't need to worry about returning any money and waiting for commission checks to come in the mail. You get to put all the money you just earned toward summer camp, your next troop's adventure, or whatever you would like. The sky is the limit.

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All profits come directly back to you.

They cost $1.00 for you and your unit to buy, and you may sell them at a cost of $5.00. This means that for each card you sell, you are able to use 80% of your revenue to attend your favorite summer camp!

This summer is shaping up to be the best that each of the camps in our council has ever had. Don't let money stop you from joining in on the adventures you could be taking.

The mountains are calling. Let Camp Cards help you return to them.