Camporees & Klondikes

What Is A Camporee?

A camporee is a local gathering of Scouts to camp and participate in Scout oriented activities. The name comes from combining camp and jamboree (that’s called a portmanteau!).

Well, that’s all the technical jargon about them. Really a camporee is all about getting together as a Scouting community to enjoy our friendship together. More often than not, there’s a bit of competition included in these events. From knot tying races to mystery activities, service to patrol building, the campouts are an incredible opportunity for units to come together, and also to show their unit pride.

Service Camporees

Each year we invite not only Scouts and Scouters, but our entire community to join us in providing service in our a few of our camps. More often than not, you can choose to either spend a night camping and then participate in service the following day, but you are also more than welcome to attend just the service portion of this event.

Upcoming Camporees


What is a klondike?

Put simply, a Klondike is a winter camporee. More often than not, their activities are similar to those of camporees. But they also include winter camping, which makes Klondikes that much more exciting. While Scouts most certainly can camp in a tent or even a cabin sometimes, Scouts can also make igloos and snow caves to have a different type of shelter.

Typically Klondikes are held in January and February so check back to see upcoming dates of Klondikes.



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