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Scouting for Food

The Utah Food Bank's website.  List of district collection sites will be available soon. 

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Scouts will be at your door sometime between 9:00 am and 11:00 am on Saturday, March 17, 2018.  If they miss you, please bring your food donations to your nearest Harmon's Grocery or Smith's Food and Drug. They will count your donation for Scouting for Food for up to a week after March 17!

Scouting for Food is one of the great events we do because we are able to help so many hungry families, and also because we can have every Cub Scout, Boy Scout, Venturer, and potentially every adult Scouter involved in working together to make it happen.  The many “Good Turns” done on a daily basis by over 100,000 Scouts and Scouters in our council often go without being noticed, and that’s okay, but Scouting for Food is a time when our collective Good Turn can be front page news because of the difference we make together.

It works like this: every district in our council has a volunteer who coordinates efforts for their district.  They receive training, pick up materials, and then distribute those materials to leaders of the LDS stakes in that district.  This works great because the LDS church is organized geographically in wards that are small enough to allow the youth of each ward to contact every home in their ward boundaries.

The materials they distribute include door hanger tags from the Utah Food bank and tally sheets from our council.  The tally sheets allow each unit to count how many youth and adults are involved in that unit’s Scouting for Food effort this year.

The door hanger tags are placed at every house by Cub Scouts in uniform along their family members, their adult leaders in uniform, and others in a carefully organized effort to make sure every home in the neighborhood has an opportunity to give. This happens a few days before the Saturday when food is collected. The Scouting methods of the buddy system and adult association are combined with the principles of Youth Protection training and the Guide to Safe Scouting and are followed.  Every person involved in tag distribution is added to the tally sheet, even if they are not registered as Scouts or Scouters.

On Saturday, Boy Scouts and Venturers go door to door in uniform starting at 9:00 am to collect food from every house in their unit’s boundaries. Scouts knock on the door and get additional food from folks who forgot to put it out front. Scouts always use the buddy system. They wear seat belts any time they are in a moving vehicle, and are never driven by drivers who are under the age of 21 or not approved to operate a motor vehicle for any other reason.  It is the responsibility of the unit to assure that youth and drivers follow these guidelines. Every person involved in food collection is added to the tally sheet, even if they are not registered as Scouts or Scouters.

Scouts who are in troops or crews that are community based show up at the district drop off location a few minutes before 9:00 am to help sort food and load it into trucks. They are also added to the tally sheets.

Order of the Arrow members help their home units with food collection, and are then asked to stay at the drop off location until dismissed by their chapter chief and chapter adviser.

We are grateful for the thousands of volunteers who make Scouting for Food happen in every neighborhood in our council.  Thank you for being part of this great Good Turn!

Each district is responsible to get an accurate count of how many youth and how many adults participated in the Scouting for Food campaign.  This includes:

  • Cub Scouts
  • Boy Scouts
  • Venture Scouts
  • Friends
  • Adults
  • Anyone else who helped deliver door tags or collect food for this drive.


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Thank you for your generosity!  If your bag was not picked up, please bring your food donations to your nearest Harmon's Grocery or Smith's Food and Drug. They will count your donation for Scouting for Food through March 24!