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District 5 - Merit Badge Pow Wow

When:    February 15, 22, and March 1, 2018
Where:    LDS Salt Lake Hillside Stake Center
                  1900 E 1400 S
                  This is a "Leave No Trace" venue
Cost:      $10.00 per merit badge

Schedule: 5:30 pm - Check-In Begins
                     6:00 pm - First Hour Course
                     7:00 pm - Second Hour Course
                     8:00 pm - Third Hour Course

Scouts must attend all three Thursdays to earn the Merit Badge.
All in attendance are EXPECTED to be in uniform.

Choose a maximum of 3 of the following classes:

  • Citizen in the Nation
  • Citizen in the World
  • First Aid (2 separate classes are available each hour)
  • Personal Management
  • Scouting Heritage
  • The Leader/Parent registering the boy(s) will be required to attend.
    For each additional 5 boys a Leader/Parent registers, an additional Leader/Parent will be required to attend.  Example:  if 1 - 5 boys attend, a single adult needs to register.  Two adults required if 6 - 10 boys are registered, three adults if 11 - 15 boys are registered and so on.
  • Please contact Dwaine Beebe at with any further questions about the merit badge classes.

Click here to see current class availability

Instructions for registration:
1- If you are "Already a Member", log in as usual.  If not, fill in the blanks to create a new account
2- Click "D05 Merit Badge Pow Wow" in the Events & Facilities list
3- Click 'Your Roster'
4- From this screen, you can add all youth and adults if they are not already listed.
5- Click Manage Registrations (D05 Merit Badge Pow Wow should still be selected)
6- Click New Youth Registration and select the participants one at a time and click "Create Registration"
7-Continue to pick classes for the youth.
8- Make sure to click "Save" for each youth
9 - To add another youth click on New Youth Registration and repeat steps 7-9 until you have everyone in the cart
10- When finished, click the "Cart" button to validate all registrations and complete the checkout process.

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