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Planning to continue the Scouting adventure beyond 2019, but not sure where to begin? No worries! Watch the videos on this page to learn more about the transition!


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Family Scouting

In October 2017, the Boy Scouts of America made an historic announcement that all of its program families would be open to both boys & girls in the near future. In February of 2018, we began an early adopters program that has continued to grow over these past several months.

Beginning in February 2019, girls will be able to participate in the newly-renamed Scouts, BSA program which has been available to boys since 1910. This means that the whole family can participate in Scouting together; mom, dad, brother & sister will come together & grow in Scouting.


Frequently Asked Questions

With the many changes that have occurred during the past few years, we recognize that there may be some unanswered questions. But we don't want you to be left confused. Watch this video to answer the top 10 questions being asked by Scouts, Scouters, & parents regarding these important topics.



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