World's Longest Monkey Bridge??

Monkey Bridge Assembly.jpg

Have your Scouts ever built a Monkey Bridge? At the Jamboral, your troop will have the opportunity to help build what may be the longest Monkey Bridge in history.  How long it gets depends (partly) on you! We are asking every troop to bring the following to participate:

·       5 lashing poles (8-10 feet long each)

·       400 feet of 3/8” rope (Manila or Sisal)

·       12 pioneering stakes

If you would like to bring more of these materials, you are welcome to, and if you can’t round all of this up, we still invite your Scouts to come and help.  Please plan to bring your Scouts and your pioneering supplies to our Monkey Bridge site by 6pm on Friday, or after 9am on Saturday.  We will welcome your participation.

Click here to respond to this message and let us know whether you plan to participate!

John GarrettJamboral