It Has A Map! | 4 Awesome Tricks on the Jamboral App

When discussions first began about this centennial celebration of the Great Salt Lake Council, folks asked how we could bring this event into the 21st century. There were discussions about activities, shows, or equipment that could be used to really excite & bring folks together for the event. And then we realized that we're in the age of information. Folks are connected through smartphones. Why not create an app?! 

So we did.

No, really. We made an app.

Here are the 4 things that are going to make you want to use the Centennial Jamboral Digital Passport App.


1 | It has a map!

Yeah, probably not the most exciting item to start out with on this, but it's actually going to be super useful for you & your unit while at the event. Promise!

This map will be updated throughout the event to reflect what is specifically going on. For example when you are arriving to check in at the event, the map will show you where entrance gates, information booths, & check in tables are located.

Then on Saturday the map will be updated to show where games & activities will be happening across the Salt Lake County Equestrian Park.

And if you tap any of the icon, you'll get up to date info regarding those specific areas.

So yes, maps at face value aren't super exciting. But this one defies all expectations!


2 | Compete for Prizes


The Jambo Challenge has been going on since May. Folks who have downloaded the app have been working hard at earning points for going on hikes, answering trivia, & sharing Scout skills with friends.

And there's plenty of time for you to get caught up! Once you get logged in to the app, click on Jambo Challenge in the menu to find out what competitions & activities are available for you to get caught up with.

But if you miss out on doing anything before arriving at the Jamboral, don't worry, we will have plenty of opportunities to earn points.

And yes, there will be prizes given away to those who participate. So there's some motivation for ya.


3 | Connect With Group Chats


Many of the activities that we have planned for the Jamboral encourage folks to reach out & connect with other Scouts. So we have discussion boards available for you to use!

Need help finding a missing trade card that you need? Group chat is a great place to start.

You'd like some help setting up your campsite? Put out a request in the discussion boards.

Want to invite others to participate in a game? Group chat them up!

You'll be able to connect with anyone at the event using the discussion boards. So use them. They'll be...useful...


4 | Control Your Schedule


When you use the app, you'll be able to create a personalized experience using the Agenda feature located in the menu. We'll include everything going on at the Jamboral including a description so you know exactly what you can participate in.

We'll also provide any last minute important updates to activities & games directly to the agenda so that way you are always in the know about the Jamboral.


Look, this is awesome. And you can't get the full effect by reading this. Click the button below & get started on participating in this exciting centennial celebration of our council.