Centennial Jamboral Order of the Arrow Gathering


The Centennial celebration of the Council would not be complete without the Order of the Arrow. As the premiere service organization of the Boy Scouts of America, the OA stands as an example of what cheerful service should look like.

 If you are or have ever been a part of the OA, you are invited to join us at the Jamboral for a day of fun and cheerful service. Even if you have never been active in the Lodge, we invite you to join us in wearing uniform and sash to this great event.

This is a great opportunity to celebrate a hundred years of service. We are looking for volunteers to help with parking, check in, and event set-up. If you are interested in joining us, please check in at the OA area, situated right next to the main arena around around 4 PM on Friday (or as early as you can)

If you aren't currently a member of the Order of the Arrow but would like to be come visit us at the OA area to get more information.