Beat a World Record. Gain Eternal Glory!


Ga-ga ball. It's the sensation that's sweeping the nation. These days it seems like you can't go to a Camp without feeling the lure of the wooden Thunderdome at some point.

The game is simple. Using your open palm, tag other players with the ball. Only hits below the knees count. Any time a player is tagged they are out and must leave the arena. If you hit the ball out of the arena it counts as though you were tagged out yourself. The last man (or woman) standing wins.

The Guinness Book of World Record for largest Gaga Ball Game was set by a camp in Pennsylvania in 2010. They were only able to get up to 481. We think we can beat that. This will be an official attempt through Guinness and as such there will be a couple rules we will need to follow.

In order to make this an official attempt, we will need to get the names of every one who participates. Make sure that you give your information to one of the referees before you or your youth get into the arena. That way you’ll make it into the official record.

The World Record Attempt will take place directly following the Opening Ceremony on Saturday morning. We will be in the Outdoor Sports Arena which sits between the main building and the Concert Arena.

For those interested, after the attempt we will construct four smaller Gaga ball pits for those who would like to play throughout the day.

Greg Anderson