3-on-3 is the way to ... be?

Where are my basketball fanatics out there?!

Because we are going to hold a 3-on-3 tournament of EPIC proportions! Well…maybe I’m blowing out of proportion. But it will be awesome, promise.

So what do you need to know about it in advance?

First Place Prize

Yes, of course there is going to be a prize! Each player of the winning team will be presented with a headband & a basketball. And let me clarify, each player of the winning team will get both prizes. Not to share with one another, to have for themselves. Got it? K.

Tournament MVP

One player will be chosen from the entire tournament who is considered the Most Valuable Player (MVP). They will be presented a basketball signed by Mark Eaton, former center for the Utah Jazz.


You’ll want to come dressed to kill it on the court. So what does that mean you should bring?

  • Basketball Shoes (or something similar)

    • Must have non-marking soles

  • Gym shorts

  • Additional gear as deemed necessary

    • Protective glasses

    • Elbow/knee pads

    • Braces

And please, don’t forget to wear deodorant. We want to see your success, not smell it.



We will play a single elimination bracket tournament. What does that mean? Every game counts. If you lose a game, you’re out of the tournament.

And as you win more games, the closer you’ll become to winning the tournament outright.

How to Sign Up

You’ll be able to sign up at the Jamboral. We will make an announcement on Friday night as well as Saturday morning as to when & where to go. You can also get earlier updates by downloading the Centennial Jamboral app onto you iOS or Android device.

So with all that said, we can’t wait to see you there. Be ready to bring on your A-game.