What's the deal with High Adventure at Hinckley Scout Ranch?


This year, in order to accommodate groups that have both young and old Scouts in their troops, we have combined the programs of Ridgeline High Adventure Base into East Fork Scout Camp, the regular week-long camp at Hinckley Scout Ranch.

Want to be a part of this? It’s easy. Just sign up for East Fork Scout Camp and under classes you’ll find our high adventure activities. Just drag them over into your schedule the same way you’d sign up for merit badges and you’re good to go. Be aware, even though high adventure activities have been open in the past, you’ll need to sign up for them this year if you would like to participate.


Mountain Boarding/Biking - Try your hand at the mountain sports trail built next to the Climbing tower. Practice your jumps, tight corners, and split-second reflexes. Mountain Boards are available. Not great at either? That’s fine. Our staff is here to teach you some of the basics of riding off-road. Mountain sports, especially in beautiful country like we have, is one of the coolest things you can do up here in the wilderness. Scouts must be 14 years old for this activity.

P.O.W. - If your group is looking for a cool challenge, try the P.O.W. Escape. In this timed event, you’ll have to get your troop through obstacles to fight your way to freedom. Do you have what it takes to be champion?! No age requirements.


Action Archery - Feel like you’ve experienced everything that archery has to offer? Think again. In our Action Archery Range, you’ll leave buildings and sheds behind as you shoot at our targets set up in the woods. Tired of shooting at small paper targets? Take your game to the next level and do some Action Archery! No age requirements.

Backpacking - Some of the most beautiful hikes in the region are in the Uinta Mountains and Hinckley is one of the best places to start from! Want to do a week-long trip up to Red Castle and King’s Peak? We’ve got you covered. Not looking for anything too crazy but still want to get out of camp? Try the two-day Lake Alsop Hike in the shadow of Mount Buellah. Scouts must be 13 by September 1 in order to participate.

COPE/Climbing - At Hinckley Scout Ranch we have a great climbing wall and an awesome COPE cube. Test your courage 30 feet in the air on the COPE course as you traverse the obstacles in your way. Want to get a taste of victory at climbing a huge wall? We’ve got that for you too! No age requirements.

Check out this video Thom Hall made about his time with his troop doing High Adventure in 2017!

ATVs will not be available for the 2019 season.

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