Want to go to camp but don't have a troop going? We've got you covered!

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Many Scouts often have a hard time making their schedules work with their troop’s summer camp. Some have expressed desire to come to camp more than once.

Scouts that wish to attend camp without a troop may join us in one of our provisional units campsites. Provisional units (or troops, as it is our Scouts BSA camps that will be offering this program this year) are a hodgepodge of Scouts from different troops. They bring the leaders they can and the camp staff fills in the rest. Leaders from these groups work together to ensure that the group makes it to their separate activities, gets to meals, and generally everything else a Scoutmaster would normally need to deal with. With these units, you don’t need to worry about having enough leaders to cover the week.

In addition to all this, provisional unit campsites come outfitted with tents and cots so that you can spend more time with your Scout and less time setting up camp. Many Scout parents have expressed that they wouldn’t mind bringing their Scout to camp on their own but they don’t have the materials needed. This takes the hassle out of the equation and makes a nearly impossible task much easier.

To sign your Scout up for a provisional unit campsite, go to www.saltlakescouts.org/camps, click on Bear Lake Aquatics Base or East Fork Scout Camp (as these are the two summer camp programs offering this in 2019), and register them under your name. When you are given the option to choose your activities and merit badges, make sure to add “Provisional Youth” to the list as well. If you feel unsure about how to make this process work for you, we will be putting together a video walk through soon. Our Camps & Events Desk at Council Service Center is also available to walk you through any issues you may have. They can be contacted at 801-582-3663.

We hope that this program will make coming to summer camp easier to attend.

Want a more detailed explaination of how provisional units and campsites will work? Check out this video where Sam and I discuss what makes this program so awesome.

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