Five Fun, New Adventures in Cub Country


Just when you thought going to Cub Country couldn’t get any more fun, this summer the Millcreek Canyon Camps will have five new value-added adventures, one at each Cub Country camp. The adventures have a small price tag ($5 to $10 per pack), but are well worth the cost. Here is a camp-by-camp rundown of these fun, new activities.


1 | The Spirit Stick

This year, each pack will receive (as a gift from our trading post) a spirit stick. You can decorate this hiking stick with beads and tokens to document the fun and exciting activities at camp and throughout the year. Packs will receive a bead at each regular activity and a special token for the cool activities outlined below. Be sure to pick up your spirit stick at the trading post on your way to opening ceremonies on your first day of camp!

2 | Waterslide of Duckie Doom

Construction Junction (sometimes called the Lego camp) is an adventure in imagination and engineering. The addition to CJ this year is the rubber duck race. Packs buy rubber ducks from the trading post and race them for points at various stations. The activity culminates in a giant rubber duck race down the Waterslide of Duckie Doom. The pack with most points at the end of the day gets a prize and each pack can hang their duck on their spirit stick as a memento of a great day of fun.

3 | Dragon Race

Cubs at Dragon Masters (our Viking and dragon camp) can participate in the newest adventure – Dragon Race.  Packs buy a ticket at the trading post to enter the Sweep the Sheep arena where they compete by catching and catapulting sheep in a fast and furious timed event. The pack with the most points at the end of the day will win a prize. All participating packs get a sweet sheep for their spirit stick. 

Archery is always a favorite activity in Cub Country.

Archery is always a favorite activity in Cub Country.

4 | Cowboy Mini-golf

Fort Frontier is our American Frontier themed camp.  In addition to all the other great activities at the Fort is our newest experience – Cowboy Mini-golf.  Scouts can rent putters and balls from the trading post and play a round of golf on this fun and unique course. The Scout with the best score gets a treat from the trading post. All packs that participate get a golf ball token for their spirit stick.

5 | Mines of Moria

At Cubshire, youth are tested in a Medieval world of wonder and magic. New to Cubshire this year is a tour of the newly discovered Mines of Moria. Cubs buy a ticket to enter and mine their own magic stone which they can take home, change into a beautiful polished stone, or trade for cool stuff at the trading post. Participating packs receive a magic stone token for their spirit stick. 

We look forward to hosting you at summer camp this year!  We’ll fill your pack’s spirit stick with mementos and your Cub Scouts’ hearts and minds with great memories.  See you there!

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