Copper Mountain: Merit Badge Pow Wow 2018

Thank you to all those that helped with the 2018 Merit Badge Pow Wow. We had approximately 300 scouts attend this year's event. If you need to follow up with a counselor, here is a list of the counselors you can follow up with for the event. If you have additional questions please Adam Jones at 

2018 Merit Badge Counselors (PDF)

January 12, 19, & 26, 2019
Location: TBA
Time: 8am-12noon
Price: $15/boy – No onsite registration. 

Reminders for the event:
1. Scouts should come with their schedule of classes. A printed schedule of classes will not be available.
2. Scouts should download the appropriate merit badge handouts from before coming to the event.
3. Scouts should bring a pen or pencil. Pen is recommended as a pencil sharpener is not available.
4. Please don't bring food or drink (other than water in a water bottle) to the building. This will help keep the building cleaner and help with cleanup following the event.
5. Blue Merit Badge Cards should be brought by scouts to the event. These should be available from their scout leader. Each scout should bring a blue card for each merit badge they are signed up to attend. 
6. It is recommended that scouts bring an additional notebook with paper for additional assignements that may be given by counselors.
7. Scouts should be expected to have homework for classes. Participation is required at classes. Those scouts not paying attention and completing work as instructed, may not be given a signed merit badge card at the end of the event. This is at the discretion of the merit badge counselor. 
8. Scouts must respect each counselor, other leaders, and each other while at the event. Scouts not behaving will be asked to go home. 
9. Some classes may require prerequisites in order to complete the merit badge at the Pow Wow. An example of this could include the 13 weeks of money tracking for the Personal Management Merit Badge or 13 weeks of tracking chores for the Family Life Merit Badge. 

2019 Registration will open October 1st, 2018

Class sizes are limited. Classes being offered include the following:

Citizenship in the Community
Citizenship in the Nation
Citizenship in the World
Coin Collecting
Emergency Preparedness
Family Life
First Aid
Personal Management
Scouting Heritage

Handouts will need to be downloaded in advance from

As a reminder when registering scouts for the event, a scout should be registered for an 8am, 9am, 10am and 11am class. Please note that when using the registeration system, the 8am classes are listed as 1, 9am as 2, 10am as 3 and 11am as 4. Select a class from each time frame but don't duplicate a class in another time period.