Copper Mountain: Klondike

Date: TBA

Location: TBA

$10.00 per scout
$3.00 late fee for registration after February 19th


For questions and additional please contact Mike Burge






Date:  February 24-25, 2017


Place:  Soldier Hollow State Park Group Campground


Participants:  All boys ages 11 – 17


Cost:  $10.00 each participant ($15 after Feb 22; Onsite Registration Available)


Registration:  Active now, ends Wednesday February 22, 2015 




Friday Feb 24, 2017

2 pm           Check-in at district tent for registration, Camp Setup, Dinner (Troop Provided)

7 pm           Patrol Leaders Council (Pavilion)

8 pm           Campfire

11 pm         Lights out


Saturday Feb 25, 2017

7 am           Reveille, Breakfast (Troop provided)      

7:45 am      Donut at the Pavilion (remember your ticket)

8:00 am      Sled Check-in/Patrol Yell

8:45 am      Klondike events begin  


Session Times























12:30 pm    Awards ceremony       

1 pm           Service project (no trace clean-up)

1:30 pm      Leave camp


Camp Rules


This campsite is partly owned by the Olympic venue and extreme care must be taken to insure we don’t allow the rules to be broken.


  1. Sledding, tubing or any other form of hill sliding is not allowed.  We are only allowed to use our Klondike sleds to move from town to town and for the Klondike race.


  1. If campsites become short and we need more space please contact the camp director to find out where it is okay to camp.


  1. No trace camping is a must.  Campfires are allowed in raised camp barrels only and ashes, extra wood, etc. must be taken out!


  1. Propane stoves and charcoal briquettes are allowed for cooking but the ashes (if any) must be removed.


  1. Propane and other similar heat sources are not allowed in tents.


  1. Each troop should have a copy of the “guide to safe scouting” and know the rules of camping in the “Scout Handbook”.


  1. The district will have a medical tent but it will not be manned continually.  Please have a first aid kit at your troop campsite.


  1. The water may not be turned on so bring enough water for your troop for the entire camp.


  1. We are not allowed to move dirt or change the terrain in any way so do not dig trenches or fire pits or anything that moves dirt.  Snow removal is okay provided it’s safe.


  1. No trace camping is the order of the camp!  If it came in with you it must go out with you.  Time is set aside for a campsite clean-up campaign.


  1. If you break the rules you may be asked to leave the camp.


  1. The Midway Ice Castle is NOT part of the Klondike Experience and Scouts must not go in that area during the camp.


Troop Registration


An adult troop leader is to accompany the Senior Patrol Leader (SPL) to the District Pavilion on Friday evening to register the troop.  This is necessary even if troops are pre-registered.  At registration the SPL will receive 1 patch for each paid participant, Klondike Derby starting town assignment, and 1 Doughnut ticket for each participant.


SPLs will need to bring the following to registration:


  • List of all participants (youth and adults) – blank roster attached
  • Current (within last 12 months) Part A and B medical forms and copy of insurance card for each participant (youth and adults) – found at:

  • Permission forms - Found at:
  • Pre-registration receipt from the Council (There are a limited number of patches available.  If you register on site there is no guarantee that patches will be available)


Only registered Scouts ages 11 – 17 will be allowed to participate due to insurance constraints.


































Klondike Derby


  1. Between 8:00 and 8:45 am, the troops will assemble at the pavilion for sled inspection and patrol yells.  
  2. 8:45 am The troops will present themselves at the assigned town and the challenges will begin.
  3. Each time the horn sounds the troops will move to the next town in the rotation.  Troops will have about 30 minutes to complete each challenge.
  4. Success at each town will be based on skill, knowledge, preparedness (including supplies and equipment), teamwork, and Scout Spirit.  
  5. The challenges are to be performed using the supplies from the troop sled.
    1. (see the attached list of “Supplies and Equipment”).  Points will be deducted (or time will be added) if a troop fails to “Be Prepared”.
  6. The Town Council will track each troop’s score or time for their challenge and there will be prizes for the top performing troops from each town.
  7. Scout Spirit awards will be given to the top troops exhibiting the best overall Scout Spirit as evidenced by general conduct, uniforms, participation, sportsmanship, and whether they give a “Patrol/Troop Yell” when arriving at each town.
  8. When the challenge portion of the event is completed the Town Councils will turn in the troop scoring sheets at the District Pavilion so prizes can be awarded.
  9. Awards will be given at the Closing Ceremony  (about 12:30 pm).
  10. Awards will be given for top performances.
















Klondike Derby Towns

Sled Inspection

Troops will be given points for the preparedness of their sled.  Proper Equipment, Scouts in "Class A" Uniform, Decorations related to their Troop or Patrol and a Troop/Patrol Yell.



Fire starting – Troops will need to have all required items, then will need to lay a fire, and start it.  Extra Scout Spirit points for a troop yell about fire.  



Log Saw – Scouts will be timed on how quickly they can saw a log using a cross-cut saw in teams of two.   Extra Scout Spirit points for a troop yell about sawing logs. 



Smoosh Boards – Troops will need teamwork and coordination to move the smoosh boards quickly along the course.  Troops will be allowed to try this twice to see if they can improve their time.  Extra Scout Spirit points for a troop yell about smoosh boards. 



First Aid –This will test first aid skill, knot tying/rope throwing ability, stretcher construction and use, and teamwork.  Extra Scout Spirit points for a troop yell about first aid. 



Knots/Sled Race – Troops will pull their loaded sled (see required items) on a course and will be timed stopping periodically to tie standard knots.  Troops will be allowed to try this twice to see if they can improve their time.  Extra Scout Spirit points for a sled-related troop yell. 



Tomahawk Throw –Points will be awarded based on hitting the target, with maximum points for sticking the Tomahawk in the wood.  Extra Scout Spirit points for a Tomahawk-based troop yell. 


We encourage all Scouts to participate.  Full points will be given only if all Scouts participate in the activities.




Supplies and Equipment



Klondike Derby Sled, with following items on it:

  • Scout Handbook
  • First Aid
    • small first aid kit
    • four 18” square bandages (bandanas or neckerchiefs work)
    • two splints (18” long)
    • 10 feet piece of rope for each Scout
    • wool blanket or small tarp
    • two 6’-8’ staves or 2x2s
  • Fire Starting
    • tinder
    • kindling
    • small pocket knife
    • matches
    • flint & steel


























Troop Roster




Permission Slip

Medical Form






































































































Troop #:


Sr. Patrol Leader: